"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, April 23, 2012

saturdays with dad

Once upon a time when we made the decision to give up all activities that tore us in different directions weekend after weekend, I worried about what would be given up by way of our children's individual talent development.

If I could travel backward in time and give my younger self a piece of advice, I'd make myself see that little boys don't need sports the minute they can stand on two legs.  Ballet shoes in toddler sizes are cute, but savoring littleness just a bit longer would mean so much more in the end. Though I'm sure I was filling my time in those days, these days are filled more than I'd like.

A friend reminded me recently that I live where it's easier to gather my children with so much to naturally see and do without external replacement activities. 

She had a point.  It's not a luxury often afforded and I get (and am grateful for) that. Downsizing activities isn't for everyone.

I can't say I don't still feel a guilty twinge on occasion, when the kids come to me and say they'd really like to try baseball ... or school plays ... or tennis ... or roller hockey ... or ....
And, we've deliberated, feeling a particular need here and there (like track for Annie), but mostly we've stuck with our family plan.

Then weekends come along being mostly our own and I feel I would never look back as I enjoy time with the kids from the "biggest" one down.

Here's a few recent weekend memories of hanging with our favorite big kid of all .. our dad. 

We're easily entertained by getting to clean the church bathrooms belonging to opposite genders.  I don't know why.  We're simple minded.

A neat little find hiding in a warehouse not far from here.

Fun for big kids and little kids.

And proof that the man's still got it ... I guess.  That guy in first place was a "career carter" I was told ;)

And pickle in the sad-excuse-for-a-what's-supposed-to-be-spring-time yard spied out my bedroom window.  Yes, we sometimes wander around in our pjs and boots out there but at least we have some sort of clothes on.

Each not overshadowed by a schedule, for which I am grateful.


  1. Oh i love the simplified and down-sized life! Sometimes i already feel like we are are running in different directions. you have done an amazing thing for your family!! :)
    and i think your chosen activities look pretty awesome!!:)
    have a happy day marlowe

    I can see why you love our grass!!:)
    although i'd take dry colorado grass anyday!!:)

  2. Yes, you are so right. Running in ten different directions is no fun. And kids don't need to be in all sorts of activities when they are so young. When and why did this start at such a young age?
    Your Saturdays sound so fun :)