"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, April 5, 2012

to love a 40 year old man

This is overdue.  Newel's birthday was celebrated along with our break and well, sometimes --- laundry just gets in the way as well.  But my love is the same :)

When I was a teenager, I'd listened to my mom speak of the animal magnetism of a seasoned man .... Robert Redford, Paul Newman .... most especially our dad.

Barf, I'd say. Nothing beats youth ... especially when you are a youth.

As Newel crossed that ever looming milestone of a birthday, 40 last week, I reflected on those conversations with my mother and the evolution of nearly twenty years.  "Just wait, you'll see" and suddenly, I did.

Because a "seasoned" man is just that. Aging to absolute perfection.

He comes home and seeks me out first.  Everything else falls second place.  There's not much numero uno, anymore.

He knows what I think, when I think it.  We catch ourselves being alike in almost frightening ways at times.

He always apologizes first.

Knowing when I've had enough and stepping in to take my place, is really second nature now.

He calls me as he drives from client to client or along the work commute, to say hey, celebrate work success, console a defeat or just listen to how my day is, how hard something might be and then **gasp** validate.

Valued times of just the two of us are favorites.

However, he knows how to defuse my frustrations at the father-child-bedtime-wrestling-routine with comments like "I'm sorry ... I'm just a dad who likes to be with his kids!" accompanied by laughter, always his best medicine.

I think he knows me better than me sometimes.

My youth roll their eyes and say barf when I drive around with them in the car and I go on and on about him like he's my whole world.  But one day, they'll see, and maybe understand.

That twenty had a way to go, to forty which sets my heart aflutter.

Where magnetism takes on more meaning.


  1. Oh my goodness...Happy (belated) birthday to him!! You two sound like you're perfectly matched. Keep those photos coming :)

  2. How wonderful! You're lucky!!! P.S. Love that last pic.