"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the days are long, the years are short

It feels like the days creepy crawl by as I wait to introduce this new baby to the rest of our family.

Then all of the school year end stuff flies by me, children come home proclaiming that they are a grade school year older and I marvel at where the time is going.

I'm in a time warp.  Slow it down, speed it up.  Let's have this baby.  But keep everyone else where they are right at this moment.

I can't make up my mind, it would seem.

My dad calls it "being in the thick of things". And boy howdy, aren't we?!  So, here's the thick of things, just as I'd like to hold them, right as they are now.

Annie moved from the primary classes in our church to the young women's program.  She was really nervous at first but Celia has paved the way for her.  It's good watching two girls grow together in a similar environment.

Celia's theater class had a Shakespeare night and my heart nearly burst out of my chest.  I was a theater gal myself and to see my usually reserved girl belt out that monologue just made me want to climb on that stage with her.

I know she's glad I didn't.

Just the theater lighting always makes my heart skip a beat.  That sounds crazy, I know but once you've caught the bug, little things like that just bring back the adrenaline rush.

Newel was with me and he leaned over to say that it was the most he thought he'd heard her talk in a year :)

Dad's just get a little different view, I guess, because I got to rehearse those lines over dinner making for weeks before the performance.

And then, at the last minute, she got pulled from one group and added to another and given an entirely new manuscript to learn in just days before the plays.  She pulled it off beautifully and my heart soared even more for a girl able to be counted on by a teacher to do hard things.

I do love catching my children in their school environment.  Janie was celebrating with friends on the way out to the only field trip their class took this year.  Needless to say, she was one happy girl that day.

The rules of track contradicted the rules of our family. How dare they! Twelve means old enough for young womanhood and old enough for the that first step .... getting your ears pierced.  But track team didn't allow earrings so patiently she waited.

We made a special day of it as soon as the season closed.  Annie says she wasn't nervous but I think I detect a little last minute reserve in those eyes.

I'm never on time for anything ... ever.  Some of my kids have learned to roll with my errant ways.  Other's, not so much.

One night held too many places and not enough time.  I dropped Janie early at the school for her musical presentation, ran another to their destination and raced back to be in time for the show start time.

She accused me of being late and missing her speaking part.

But see?  This picture proves, though I stood in the doorway, I didn't miss the best-est part :)

Then with not an unfilled auditorium chair in sight, and much to the dismay of the principal who thinks pregnant women should not sit on the floor (if only he knew I lived on the floor :) ... I slipped up in front of the chairs where the little kids sit to watch just so she'd know I was there.

The smile says it all.

Yeah, Grant's musical medley a few nights later was a repeat performance of my tardiness.

Again, the principal threw up his hands in frustrations at my kid-row floor sitting but it helps my children find me right where I'm most comfortable.

And I want them to know, though I'm rarely on time, I am front and center for them no matter what :)

Seminary awards where Celia was one of the Stake President's Award of Excellence recipients.

And there we go.  The hand holding to see some grades through to completion.  The work to get some through honors and AP exams. The projects. The reports. The teacher thank yous for an irreplaceable job.

Now we head into the thick of summer.


  1. I love that pic of Celia on the stage. LOVE it. And I know exactly how you feel. I can't decide what speed we should be going around these parts!

  2. I used to be a theater person too....my kids never knew that part of me. It is sort of sad....since it was a huge part of me. By the way, I am super impressed that you can sit on the floor whilst pregnant. I have a hard time doing it (well, the getting back up part) and I am not pregnant! I love that you have proof that you didn't miss her speaking part!!!

  3. We are still doing the "end of the year" stuff here. Five more days of school! Can't wait to be done.
    Wonderful pictures, as always :)