"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Really, by Mother's Day, it's no wonder the kids look at me with a "Yeah, we're done celebrating you" look.

This past weekend marked 17 years with the love of my life. 17 years. I used to think that would sound like a really long time when I got to it. Doesn't feel so long ago.

I spent every minute of the weekend playing, "Right about now".

Friday night the 4th, as I was heading somewhere I couldn't help thinking to myself, "And right about now, we were excitedly going to get a marriage license."

And Saturday night, the 5th ... "Right about now, we'd finally stolen a moment alone watching the Cinco De Mayo fireworks over Atlanta after dinner at that restaurant with both of our families".

And Sunday morning, the 6th .... "Right about now, I was freaking out because my dress got left in the car overnight and the wrinkled wreckage was making me late."

And so the whole weekend went on in my head.

I was driving Annie to and from some activity and she randomly flipped open the glove box of the car.  Surprisingly, there neatly on top sat our engagement picture smiling out at me.

Annie took it out and gave it a good look as we drove along.

"I love this picture of you both," she said. "You look so fresh and clean."

I knew what she meant but couldn't help laugh outright.  As opposed to what? How used and worn we look now?

I smiled at her.  "That was the best day ever," I said and mused aloud, "I wonder why Dad keeps it in there?"

"I know," she wisely replied with a serious nod of her head, "It's like his roadside preparedness kit in the trunk, Mom. If his car breaks down, or he's had a hard day, he just pulls it out and looks at it and feels calm all over again."

I liked her romanticism.

Later that evening, spending some time with Newel and playing a little reminisce, I brought up the picture and Annie's thoughts in its' regard. I'd let her get into my head and I added my own sentiments to its' significance in the glove box of the car.

"That was the best day ever." I said again and told him what a nice surprise it'd been to find it on such a special weekend. "I like that you keep it close by," I gushed.

"Yeah," he said blankly, "I keep it in there to show whoever is cutting my hair exactly what I want just so they don't jack it up."

Ever the romantic, what's not to love?

Happy Anniversary, Newel. This life wouldn't be nearly as fun ... or funny without you. Here's to all of the best days ever that I get to spend with you.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's hysterical!! Gotta love those moments! ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! The haircut part was hilarious!!

  3. Congratulations! You did look fresh and clean in your engagement picture....but you do not look used and worn now.....just a little wiser with more to offer the world. Maybe Newel is afraid you wouldn't love him if he let someone jack up his hair. See? He does love you! Just trying to make it a bit more romantic to help him out!