"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

winter park, just what the dr. ordered

Actually not really.  

He ordered me not to travel or do too much.  But, we're at the end and once I hit that end, my brain goes crazy and I don't listen to anybody.

So, we went anyway.

And ate meals I didn't cook, played board games, soaked tired bodies at the pool, laughed at experiences we'll retell again and again, and killed an entire week by basking in our family dynamic just as it is right now.

The perfect prescription for baby waiting.  Here are some favorites.

Tandem bike and a gorgeous bike ride.  I was going to stay behind but the peer pressure was too great.

Celia pulled Eliza in the trailer and Newel promised to peddle me with that enormous belly up the hill. He didn't even break a sweat. I'm certain we were a sight to behold but at least the kids thought we were cool.

I told Newel rather than carrying me on his back to heaven, we'll just take a tandem bike and I'll let him do all the peddling :)

Watching kids and their rock skipping skills on the banks of the river.

I always love that where ever Newel and I plant ourselves, the little ones continue to self entertain as the big ones plop at our feet for conversation — like they might miss something great.

Evening smores by the fire pit.


A train ran by our condo.

I told the kids a story about visiting my great grandmother's house one summer and the train that ran right by. My mother had said that if we put pennies on the track, the train would de-rail.

My brothers and I ran out and did just what she'd said not to. Then we lay wide awake listening for our calamity.

Of course, my kids did the same.

Newel asked Grant if he'd learned anything by the experience.  

Grant said a little too thoughtfully, "Yes .... a penny won't de-rail a train .... but a big boulder might!" and picked up the nearest huge rock he could find.

I don't think that's what Newel was looking for.

And we really kept a sharp eye on Grant after that.

There were some really fun and tasty restaurants for a sleepy mountain town.

One of us kept spilling.

Evenings in the park accompanied by a little road rash at the adjoining bike park.

Had to ride the alpine slide but after pulling up next to a van full of male mountain bikers unexpectedly baring it all (and I do mean all) whilst changing clothes right in the parking lot ... well ... these faces were all laughed out and paled in comparison.

We were crying with hilarity at Newel's choice to park us in "Nude Lot B".

Though the slide was pretty entertaining, too.

Gelato on the square, pretty walks, date night with big kids and a movie rental holding down the fort. It was perfect to get away.

But, probably the greatest need of all ...

My mother had sent me a CD compilation of old home videos.  Clips of her as the mother of nine, pieces of my siblings and I performing plays and singing songs, and snippets of video I'd sent her of me and my first two small children years ago.

I took it up with me hoping for a chance to view it. That first night away I put it in the player with pool-tired, freshly pj'ed children at my feet.

They laughed at my childhood antics.  They marveled at my past youthful appearance.  They commented on my soft spoken voice in my early days of motherhood. They laughed at change from then to now and giggled at ways their Dad was still the same.

I went to bed feeling a renewal.

Like I'd reconnected with the mother I'd set out to be.

Like there was no other "stuff" in this world more important than just "being" with these guys in our moments together.

And I really needed a dose of that right now.


  1. You look so great! I miss riding my bike so much...I can manage around the block now but that's it. BUT if I had a tandem and someone to "pull me into town" I'd be on that thing in a second! :) Love your pictures.

    1. Oh Sarah! I'm so ready to be able to take a trip around the block :)

  2. I have no big thoughtful comment for you.....but just a :) and you look great and God has done great things through you and Newel!

  3. Love all the pictures, but I REALLY love the one with Celia hugging her brother. Classic!!!

    What a great get-away.

    1. I don't know why he hates it so much! It must be a boy thing but she sure can't help ambushing.

  4. Love all the pictures, but I REALLY love the one with Celia hugging her brother. Classic!!!

    What a great get-away.

  5. GLORIOUS pictures (as always) I especially LOVED the one of you and your hubby on the bike Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  6. What a wonderful getaway!!! Looks amazing! And so are your pictures :)

  7. The picture of you and your hubby on the tandem bike is awesome (as are all the pictures :) xo