"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

on this side of the 4th

What felt like long days before, have been a blur after. Funny, that perspective.

Due to recent dry conditions and fires, our Fourth of July shaped up to be a really quiet one with the cancellation of most celebrations around here.

Thank heavens for fantastic neighbors hosting a fabulous Americana BBQ. It lit up our holiday just that much more.

Where I could sit in the shade, sip lemonade, hold our new baby, eat the tastiest finally-heartburn-free ribs whilst watching children play in the water, catch greased pigs, participate in a chicken run, and enjoy neighborly conversation.

A low key, perfect holiday afternoon before going home to breathe in a little more of this private celebration that we just can't put down.


  1. She's so beautiful Marlowe! So happy for you and your entire family. I LOVE having older siblings in the house to love on a new baby. :)

  2. You have me so excited (esp. the no heartburn thing!!!)...keep posting! I need the encouragement...five more weeks to go for me. She is so cute!

  3. is it ok to admit i'm a bit envious? :)
    congrats again..hope you're taking it easy.

  4. So precious. And I am totally laughing at the shirt-less child in cowboy boots... ;)

  5. She is SO perfect!! Your photos are just gorgeous.
    Glad you're finally heartburn-free ;)

  6. LOVE!! It is not good for me to look at all these gorgeous newborn pictures :) It really doesn't help my 'missing' syndrome :)!! Charlotte Marlowe. Beautiful name and beautiful baby!!