"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

daddy ... I want a squir—rel.

An overgrown house comes with a fair amount of critters and five years ago when we moved in, such was the case.  Nothing that, in the end, a couple of barn cats couldn't handle.

Despite the cat, however, a craftily laid pile of mouse droppings deposited nightly on my doormat remained unaffected. My boys made extermination of the nighttime visitor their mission.

First came mouse traps.  Each morning the tempting morsels of cheese and peanut butter left in the traps were somehow daintily removed from the danger and piles of "presents" left in their wake.

Then came bigger mouse traps with the same results.

Then there were sticky trays and the nightly marauder mocked them by defecating on top of the offering, never touching the gooey gum of the tray.

Even the whiley cat was eluded — and eventually my boys threw up hands in frustration.

And I sunk into a routine of daily morning welcome mat sweeping.  Mouse — 1, Mom — 0.

This summer, in their boredom, my boys went about attempting to play catch and release with a live animal trap ... howbeit, with little success.

"Hey boys," says I, "Why don't you do something useful with that trap and rid me of that nocturnal pest?"

So they revived their interest in the undertaking.

In the meantime ... Christian attended scout camp where he was asked by a fellow scout, "I hear you live in the country, Christian, now where exactly is that?"

An older scout, always eager for a good natured tease, jumped right in, "Yeah, .. Christian lives out in the boonies where all they do is catch squirrels all day."

"I do not," my boy laughingly defended and shook his head at their misconception of country life.

On his return, he once again resumed his quest for my elusive mouse and one morning came in calling us all to the porch.

To see this angry culprit.

We loaded him up for a long drive to the other side of our loop and on his release, he jetted up into the woods toward the home of our good friends and neighbors.

And so, and therefore ...

Firstly, ... I'm sorry dear friends and neighbors, if you find daily presents on your doormat.

And secondly ... I'm sorry dear scouts but it looks like we really do spend our days catching squirrels.


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  2. I came across your blog on The Power of Moms. I hope you don't mind I stopped by. I enjoyed reading your blog and of course your beautiful pictures! What an inspirational and wonderful blog! I love your "Why I blog" post and chuckled out loud at your most recent one. Thanks for sharing your talents and your love for being a mother.

  3. Sharea, thank you for your sweet comments! And thanks for stopping by :)