"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, August 24, 2012

grant is 8

I'm late on this, but August 19th was a really great day.

A little over eight and a half years ago, I'd kneel by Christian's bed to hear his nightly prayers and at the end of each, he'd ask so sweetly for a brother. It wasn't easy to be surrounded by girls.

I worried over his disappointment right up to the ultrasound date.

And then burst into tears at the reveal of that asked for little brother.

Here are a few things that make Grant really special to us.

He's fun.  Ask Christian.  Even at age 13, he just loves to play with Grant.  They are always off and away to ride bikes, shoot BB guns, play baseball in the yard, scavenge, or explore. I think they'll always be connected.

He's accommodating. Easily mistaken for being bossed around, the reality is, he doesn't mind being the puppy on the leash or the student in any one of Janie or Annie's games.

He's the best self entertainer.  As other kids might need direction toward activities, he's great at creating his own where he's royally wrapped for hours.

Which is probably why he could play Lego's all day.

He's a sensitive guy. For years we'd have what he called "cuddle time". Though, he doesn't crawl in with me quite as much as he used to, he has a real need to end his day with a one on one and never heads out my door without a genuine hug ... not just the quick kind.

And he lives for the moment when he can put back on his pj's.  Right through the door off the bus ... pj's on ... because home is his comfort and nothing says comfort at home like his pj's.

I love that he wants to hold our new baby and that he calms her so gently.

I love his crazy snaggle-tooth grin.

And I love that he's part of what makes us complete.


  1. Happy Birthday, Grant! I love his sparkly eyes! What kind of cake is that?

    1. Kayla, it's a German chocolate cake. His favorite :)