"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

joy in the journey

I heard a lot of disbelief over the planning of our trip east following so immediately the birth of a new baby.  It's been the way to go.  Stepping outside of my usual world.  The one that calls my name day after day, to chores, unfinished projects, and life's needy "stuff". Amazing, instead, to enjoy what's most important right in front of me.

We're about to wrap it up and head back to reality and the start of a new school year.

Here's a little joy in the journey.

A visit to Liberty Jail in Missouri before a fun night at a hotel with a water slide.

Gateway to the west and listening to my history lesson.

My children's first ever visit to my hometown in Western North Carolina.  Thanks, guys, for tromping all over creation to hear every one of my stories :)

Over night stay in this Bed & Breakfast. We couldn't help convincing children that it was haunted and then force them to watch a scary movies with us.  They said they weren't scared but they wouldn't go out to get the diapers I'd forgotten in the car afterwards ;)

The excitement over lightening bugs ... see kids, I told you they were real!

A dinner visit to the same restaurant/reception hall where I stood as a new bride.  Crazy that all these years later, I'd stand in the same spot with seven children surrounding me.

And a little touristy adventure to a local ruby mine. 

Before heading into our days on the sand.


  1. I forget little things like not everybody has seen lightening bugs! What a great trip. How very surreal it must have felt to be in the place where you were a new bride and now mother of 7 in a blink of an eye. Have a safe rest of the trip! Do you recommend the ruby mine? We have driven past what I think is that same one...but never stopped.

    1. Kayla, the ruby mines are fun but I think, pricey. The kids love digging in the dirt and the possibility of a fun find but the reality is that only "salted" buckets contain anything great and those gems come from somewhere in Brazil :) Newel and I laughed about how we might could make a fortune selling ten dollar buckets of dirt from our yard with a smile and a "maybe you can find some colorado gold" :)

      Still, we had a good time and he is like a kid again in the doing of it ... so ... worth it? Maybe.

  2. Wow--looks like a terrific trip. We loved Liberty Jail too!

  3. Your adventures sound AMAZING!!! As are your photos :)