"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, September 7, 2012

factual friday

While here, my mother in law commented on our family blog, saying she loves keeping up with the grand kids.  And then she said reading my thoughts makes her wonder why she didn't have it quite so together as a young mother.

I had to snort-laugh.


She's the most put together, organized, polite, with-it woman I know who, over the years, I've used as inspiration.

It also made me a little sad that others might have the same views.  Because, yeah, I tend to write the best-est stuff because after the dust settles and the noise clears, I'd like to remember a whole lot of good.

Any time I glow to my own mother about my rose colored upbringing, she certainly snort-laughs.  And guess what? Every mother on earth probably feels the same in the hindsight of things.

I write down the heart warming because one day, when Celia calls and says she never remembers me getting as frustrated in the moments as she is at that point in time — at least in my fantasy future she will call and say that :) ... first, I will snort-laugh ...

And then I will go pull out the blog books I've made at the end of each year and sigh in memory that perhaps it was really like that — at least partially so.

In the meantime, here's a little factual friday.

It must have been the sea air because I laced up my tennis shoes all of three times while on vacation.

I loved the early mornings.

I didn't love letting a workout dictate my vacation day.

Cuz it hurts. And it requires a shower.  And a nap.

I felt so good on the first day that I took this photo of my shoes on the sand for future motivational purposes.

It didn't work.

It's been like ... six weeks? And I've done nothing since.

Everything in this man's posture tells me that next time I have romantic notions of traveling across country, sharing pretty painted views of history and "when I was a kid" stories, I should probably drug and toss him in the very back or put him on an airplane.

I should remember that.

Still handsome in that Kentucky setting sun, though.  More romantic notions :)

These kids were excited to find their Granddaddy's book for sale in the gift shop of this restaurant.

And they were good to at least pretend to be excited for me in this shot.

Nothing warms my heart like the words, "I got it Mom."

Even when the off-to-school rush has quieted, I take a trip up the stairs to extinguish every single light left on to find a bedroom buried under a dirty laundry basket explosion created in search of that one shirt ... which was most likely dirty.

I cleaned out the guest bedroom closet before grandparents came to visit.

I tried to eliminate a trash bag full of pets.

I didn't get far enough.

Now there's a veterinarian hospital in my living room.

At least they were considerate enough to protect my baby bed with newspaper .. you know ... just in case.

Remember our gardening competition?

This is how the garden looks left in the hands of children.

Though I did see them out there weeding a lost cause on occasion.


And the winner is .....

The grower of that teeny tiny cherry tomato found sprouting amongst the rushes

Hmm ... I'm not sure that's award worthy but I'll have to think on it.

I'm never on time to anything.  Just ask the remnant parents amiably talking at the end of the road as I blow past to catch the bus at it's next stop.

I was a bus chasing kid

Now I'm a bus chasing mom.

It's not always my fault.

Sometimes it's the half tucked, unlaced, Lego playing boy who thinks he should whip out his planner to be signed mid-bus rush wild ride.

And I rarely have a pencil.

But he says I can use his.

I went into Target for sheets.  I choked at the price of king bed sheets.  I b-lined out of the store by way of the cereal isle.

I left with one of each of these.

But no sheets.

I started dinner as my car-to-kitchen grocery carriers brought in my finds and proceeded to beg for handfuls of each.

Which resulted in stowing a half made dinner in exchange for a cereal night. Not a dad's favorite. But whatcha gonna do when he walks in while everyone's downing their second bowl?

And that pumpkin spice granola on the end is going to be a season staple.

A couple of big kids had a loud argument over a hairbrush in the dark of the morning waking an infant and three year old who were just returning to sleep in my bed.

My pinched silence in depositing them at the bus stop spoke to my absolute irritation.

And then I spent my day wondering what kind of mom starts the day without an "I love you, have a great day." 

They came back through my door still jostling.

With a smile, I decided that our chicken run needed winterizing and two argumentative folks could learn to work together or clean the garage in addition .. all alone.

While we weren't all completely besties in the end ...

I did dish out warm baked peanut butter cookies at the conclusion.

Maybe next time someone should put that argued over hairbrush to better use on Eliza's head.

Grant has joined cub scouts here at the ripe ole age of eight.  He's nearly driven me crazy waiting for that scout shirt.

He came down wanting to wear it to school this morning.

He claimed that boys who are "career scouts" wear them to school all the time.

Janie set my confusion straight that a troop meets at the school in an after school program.

I didn't let him wear that brand new, hard to clean shirt to school.

We had a rain gutter regatta in the place of the traditional pinewood derby over at the windiest park on the hill.

I let him hammer together and slather a coat of paint on that boat without even a glance at the instructions. Directions in hand to the trash, I realized there was more attention to detail than I'd thought.

Then I worried all day if I should sand, repaint, and super glue his boat so's he'd have a sporting chance.

Then I pushed the thought aside because he'd enjoyed doing his own work so much.

Then I stood at the park in a category four hurricane wind watching him have the time of his life with his creation. 

Cuz even the most shellacked of yachts didn't stand a chance.

And to him, the fun was in the  doing.

And this blurry shot was taken by Annie who was stalling in getting ready for bed.  Newel on my other side reading to Eliza as I juggle strung out Charlotte and answer algebra questions from Christian at my computer desk.

You will note ... the bed still has no sheets.

And now I've retyped this three times as blogger deleted the two prior postings in some frustrating glitch, making my brain fairly scream. The first version was cute and funny.  The second less so. And this third?  Well, probably neither cute nor funny ... 

And that's factual friday.


  1. The third posting is funny and cute and so on point!

  2. Marlowe--you totally need to switch to blogging with windows live writer. I was putting some pictures on another blog that I don't use windows live on the other day and thought I would pull out my hair before it's done. Windows live writer makes it super easy, never stressful, saves them while you're working on them, I can't say enough good about it--except that I NEVER have a frustrating blogging experience. I even went and found you a link...


  3. Darn funny and cute to me! Thanks for sharing. P.S. You're still superwoman. : )