"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, September 28, 2012

factual friday

"The time ... the time ... who's got the time?!" 
The Mad Hatter Tea Party, Alice in Wonderland

It's been a crazy week from one thing to the next. Not a second to write, or think, or do ... anything.  

And suddenly I've got a very awake, smiley as heck, baby who knows when I'm no longer playing the talk-to-me-game. It's bi-polar ... and time consuming.

One evening this week did find us home. In a thunderstorm.  With dinner on at 5. Kids flying through homework. And there was nothing to do but lay the first fire of the season in the fireplace, make some hot chocolate with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and curl up in our pj's for an episode of our current favorite show before our 7:30 family devotional and bedtime.

It was magic.

Magic is rare.

We don't miss television service but do adore watching this show from our Netflix instant Que:

All of the kids ... even the big ones ... find Beaver and Wally's antics entertaining as well as creatively inspiring. I'm in love with June and Ward. So much so, Newel has to remind me that it's just a television show. I know that. I'm not crazy. But it's still indicative of the times in which the scripts were written. 

I love how June cooks and cleans all day. I love that she always serves a small dessert and stands ready with afternoon snacks and conversation. I love that they sit as a family and eat off of china in the dining room. I love those kids manners. I love that they have responsibilities. I love the way that Wally and Beaver don't always get along but are always respectful. I love how their friends try to pull a fast one. I love the parental frustrations. I love the sensible discipline. I love the references to father's yelling at kids or lovingly "knocking 'em around". I love the school scenes with their standing to address the teacher. I love that there's no handholding through homework and full responsibility for educational outcome. I love that June and Ward listen intently to scenarios of after school sporting events but rarely sit sideline. I love the kid independence. I love that the kids are always sending away for mail order stuff to entertain themselves. I love the way the boys dress. I love the way June dresses ....

And I know, I know ... it's a television show ... but I enjoyed many a long talk with my Grandmother on our summer trip .. and she said the 50's were very much like that.

And I think I was born in the wrong era.

Still, we love to congregate when we can and watch this show together as a family and get inspired to up our game a bit around here. There's not much television out there anymore that has that effect.

Half way through the first quarter this week, we had parent teacher conferences. I always think of it as "parent teacher beat down". Not this time. Everyone was doing so well. In particular, my oldest boy. It's rare, so I'm relishing it, but for the first time in 13 years, I had an entire row of teachers glow about Christian. And I mean glow.

He's in it to win it this year .. so far ... and even I see a difference. Must have something to do with that cell phone he's hoping for as he enters high school next year. 

Whatever. I'll take it. Cuz it felt so, so SO much better to come home from a conference and do a happy praise dance around him rather than all those other times of the "hey, you gotta want it or it ain't gonna happen" speech.

That same boy came home from school with the old "ketchup and rubber buns" joke from my own child hood. He told it to every one of us. Then he and Grant lay on the floor laughing till I thought they'd wet their pants. Then I begged them not to go to school and tell that joke because I'm pretty sure the teachers presenting the assembly on "harassment and degradation of fellow female students" would not find it as lightly funny.  

And then I felt that I do live in a sticky era with so very many tricky lines not to cross .

I'm still staring at the same paint line in the kitchen after a week of Newel on a business trip and every intention of moving forward.

Didn't happen.

But for what it's worth, I did finally fit in some early morning minutes of exercise and surprisingly do love the endorphin boost.

Even if it tries it's very best to kill my will power to leave this far too cozy afternoon spot between these two.

And those are the facts.


  1. I think factual Fridays are the best! I've forgotten all about "Leave it to Beaver." I think we will watch it this weekend as a family with some hot chocolate. Those are always the best afternoons!

  2. Russ & I were talking about Leave it to Beaver just the other day. I miss a time when men were actually respected in the media. I don't want to go back to women being subservient at all (though I don't know that i got that feeling from June--I usually got the feeling that she knew what she was doing and it was her perfectly put together choice) but I hate the portrayal of men in the media these days.

    Favorite Leave it to Beaver moment--when the boys would go into the bathroom at night & totally had a routine down of how not to wash their faces & brush their teeth!

  3. I was born in the wrong era too! That must be why I totally 'get' you!

    and that little girl video is to die for.

  4. We have been so frustrated with family tv viewing that we have taken to watching the entire 7th Heaven series (9 seasons!). Sometimes older is better!!

  5. Hmmm....let's see. I am so glad you had good conferences. Nothing like one of those things to go bad and make you feel like a horrible parent. Regarding, T.V. we are on week 4...almost 5 of no television during the week and restricted watching on the weekends. I am loving it. The kids are still adjusting. But, you are right, there was just so much on even "family" shows that I didn't want my kids seeing or repeating that I had enough. My kids accuse me of being a mom from the 50's....so we are in good company. I have always wanted to be able to dress like a mom from the 50's. Those dresses were awesome! My mom has said the same thing...that the T.V. shows weren't too far off from reality back then. Personal responsibility. Parents not being at every event their kid was involved in. I am proud of you for exercising. One of my favorite mommy things to do is to lay down with my kids for resting time. Sometimes I didn't even sleep, but just looked at them, held their warm little hands, or counted their freckles. Makes me really want to have another baby....

  6. I love reading your blog Marlowe....it makes me happy!