"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, September 10, 2012

hoppin' aboard the train

I caught a whiff of that buttered popcorn aroma that screams newborn blowout.  I sent Eliza for a diaper and wipes and sitting on the floor, worked my way gingerly around that lovely, infant, soul-staining yellow. How can one baby possibly produce their entire weight in this stuff?

Eliza arrived with aid in hand, surveyed the situation and wrinkled her face in disgust followed by uncontrollable dry heaving.

I choked on my own laughter.

Right back atcha, sister, cuz nothing feels more "wrong" when changing a tiny hiney next to a three year old one.

A friend of the most darling little boy, asked back in the summer if I had any secrets to potty training.  Fleetingly, my mind swept over all of those techniques I'd heard of along the path to potty training five other children. There are those who swear by them and they always make me smile.

I can't help it that my internal self is longing to wrap a loving arm around their shoulders and say, "That's fantastic!  ... Until you get that one boy or girl :)"

But I don't.

"My best tip ..." I said to my friend, "is to remember that they don't go to college in diapers. At least ... I've never heard of anyone who did."

My oldest had my undivided attention and jumped right aboard that train. My second hid in a closet mocking me until he was six. I kid cuz I love and he knows it. Everyone else trained by sibling example while I was off tending to new baby.

Because training takes training and I couldn't train myself to remember my own name.

And what speaks to one child may be different for another.  Maybe it's treats,

or stickers,

or charts,

or a competition :)

No matter ...

It won't happen until they're ready.

And you can make yourself crazy.

And you have to take your own emotions out of the equation.

And most of all remember .... they don't go to college in diapers ... maybe.


  1. I love that first picture--she has beautiful eyes!

  2. i have one girl and 3 boys...my girl was trained overnight and right after her 2nd birthday. the 3 boys...ahem.
    griffy is taking his sweet ol time right now. and frankly, i'm not pushing it. we've had a stressful summer and he's my last. :(