"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We plugged a lot into this weekend as several age appropriate milestones sort of converged all at once.

A baptism.

A baby blessing.

And a patriarchal blessing.

Pronounced by the priesthood leaders of our family, all of it leaving my heart overflowing.

I've heard it said that Mormons "live" their religion, and whereas we hope that is so in the applications of the truths we believe ... it's certainly true in how we dedicate our time. There are two centers to my life. One — my faith; the other — my family... both significantly intertwined and the focus of everything we do.

On our vacations to the South Carolina beach, we attend a tiny church branch of just a few members.  The last couple of years, our visit has fallen on a testimony meeting where members have stood to share their thoughts, feelings and convictions.

Last year, a young man whom every member of that congregation had seemingly invested time and teaching into, was graduating from high school and seminary. All were pleased as punch and spoke highly of him.

This year, that same young man was leaving to serve a mission for our church. Again, nearly everyone glowed as they prepared to send him out as their representative.

My kids love it when I give them a "lecture" after some spiritual impression hits me :)

But, I couldn't help emphasizing to them in the car later, what it means to be a representative of faith promoted principles.  And not only that, but to recognize that though we often consider this life solely ours to do whatever we wish with ... once upon a time, a hopeful Heavenly Father sent each one of us forth to be his "representative" with His own glowing expectations.

Not so unlike that small group sending forward their young brightest hope.

And how much I'd like to measure up to His confidence in me.

I couldn't help reflect on how many individuals along that journey and beyond, have invested in me so that the promises and truths that we believe can be reflected in my life and, hopefully, the lives of my children.

And boy, if that doesn't ever make me want to lengthen my stride, I'm not sure what would.


  1. oooooh I love weekends like this. my absolute favorite!

  2. Wonderful! What exactly is a patriarchal blessing? I am not familiar with that terminology.

  3. Funny that you and Celia are the only brunettes in a sea of blondes. How fun for you two.