"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

laundry solutions

We can all blame our mothers for something, right? It's a therapeutic trend, I guess.

I know my kids will. It's a given and I can take it.

Inevitably, no matter how good a job mom does, there's some hang up we all walk away with as a product of our upbringing.

Just ask my sister.  She won't touch spaghetti because she claims it was mom's staple meal for her to make.

I didn't grow up in that era on that end of the family, so I wouldn't know.

But I did grow up in the front end of the "laundry days".

Man, o man, were there mountains of laundry to do for eleven people and my Saturday job was to make a dent in that pile.

I know now mom was teaching valuable skills. Just the same, I look at a pile of laundry like my sister looks at a plate of spaghetti.  So, I lay it on mom that I stink at laundry.  She doesn't mind. She understands, actually.

That said ... I've been trying over time to come up with some workable solutions for my own household of nine.

Giving children their own responsibilities ... that's working ... slowly.
Downsizing closets.
Labeled laundry baskets and take away laundry room shelves.
Designated days.
Monogrammed towel ownership.

You name it ... I've tried it ... and some of it works for awhile. And some of it doesn't seem to catch on for very long.

I could chalk it up to being a laundry failure, but I just tell myself that anyone who says they've got it all figured out and working like a well oiled machine, has got to be bending the truth.

Cuz some weeks are busier than others and well, most solutions involving an organized life seem to be cyclic.

Right now, I'm in the cycle of getting kids to do their own because the number one rule in my mothering world is "If I hate it, delegate it!" ;)

The thorn in our laundry side has got to be the socks.  The socks!  I'm driven mad by the socks. They get lost. They get holes. Though I try to buy the same color or brand for each individual, I can never seem to get it right.

And I get this....

The basket of mismatched, just grab what ever you can wear today ... socks.

So ... Here's our current solution.

Each child ... six pairs. Wear them. Toss them in your labeled basket. At your laundry time, pair them with the connectors, wash them, dry them, rematch them with your folded laundry straight from the dryer and return my homemade milk cap connector to the jar on top of the machines.

In theory, each should always know and keep track of what they have.

It should work ... at least for awhile.

And when it doesn't, I'll just be grateful we don't hate spaghetti.


  1. Hey. Look on the bright side. At least you have all those socks put together in a basket! My poor kids still hunt through the pile every morning! You're doing better than I am!

  2. When I was a kid we had a large garbage bag filled with mismatched socks (with 10 kids that a lot of socks). I dumped it out every morning looking for matching socks. Now, I just throw the mismatched socks in each kids' drawer and if I'm feeling particularly productive I'll actually pair them up. I like the milk lid idea!

  3. My dad loves those sock clip things. When we moved, I threw out all of the socks and started all over again!

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