"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, October 5, 2012

factual friday

Later than usual because it's been a pretty busy couple of days. But here we are just the same.

How is it possible to be so opinionated in just three months of life? And yet, in Charlotte's short little time on this earth, she has already developed the opinion that life is only good if I'm holding her or snuggled up right beside so she can sleep soundly.

It's flattering, really. And endearing. But very non-productive. Oh well.

I ate an entire bag of these this week. I only had three at a time. So how in the world did I eat an entire bag, I ask myself? Well ... three at a time, I guess.

I eavesdropped on a conversation between Christian and Celia about a girl who Christian said "has class". He asked me later secretly what it means to have "class" to make sure he'd gotten his word usage right. I elaborated and he affirmed that this girl was that very definition. When I inquired further, he buried his dimpled smile into his arm. I love watching teenage-hood. Have I said that before?

Late at night, without enough sleep, I get a little crazy and make some bad decisions. Picking up Annie at a "late nighter" party last weekend, the hostess had just discovered a pack of stray barn kittens living under her deck. I'm still not certain how I got bamboozled into taking three of those darn things home to live in my barn. Let's hope they do their job to keep the cooler weather indoor flux of critters at bay so I don't regret my sleep deprived decisions making skills.

Each child is so different. There are those who park it and talk my ears off. There are those who don't .. and as much as I try, won't. Annie invests in her friendships and as such, I find the best way to be in the know is to make certain I really know her friends. Sometimes they are really great at helping me clue in and reach solutions.

Boy, am I ever grateful that she has such incredible friends and that they are good for her ... and good for me. And they like to Skype after school which I think is really cute .. and informative.

Last Sunday, it was announced at church that our current ward boundaries would split due to the growth and size of our congregation. I know these things are always good because change makes people stretch and grow. It's also painful and hard. Watching my teens endure the two week wait to discover what the new divisions will be, which friends will be on which side, and which beloved leaders will come and go ... is so, SO, hard. I wish the band aid had just been ripped off. I can't stand the waiting.

Another one of the best $4.00 purchases ever made at Salvation Army.

Newel asked me if I would take some head shot pictures of him and his colleagues for his firm's media purposes. Kind of like a first real photo shoot and I felt all professional and flattered. I packed up Eliza, Charlotte, camera and all and headed to his office for the scheduled shoot. While there, his female colleague picked up Charlotte only to have her white shirt spotted by a leaky yellow diaper.

Way to go, Charlotte.
Way to go, Me.

So much for professionalism. Better stick to mothering.

Tonight, I'm so grateful for a man who knows just how much I need to be whisked away to a Thai dinner and frozen yogurt treat with adult conversation on a Friday night. It just presses my reset button.

And those are the facts.

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  1. Thanks for the realistic peeks behind the scenes. I think with technology, it is so easy to show people only the best, leaving some wondering what is wrong, that their lives are not awesome and magical like the ones seen all over the net.
    I love the reality, the humor. And I will have to make a special trip to look for those m&m's today!!!