"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

germany at a glance

The best I can do .. because this being Halloween holiday week, I'm in mom mode and sorting vacation pictures isn't really taking top priority.

Still ... I'm squeezing in a glimpse because there are so many and plenty to talk about later.

I did eventually reach southern Germany on the edge of the Black Forest where I found Newel already finished with his audit and ready to see the sights. And... lo and behold .... there is much to see beyond Ikea after all ;)

First stop... Baden Baden. Beautifully serene with glamour and age, a town that speaks to the skill and craftsmanship of Germany's artistic and classical heritage.

An atmosphere not very unlike Colorado's Aspen or Vail.

I loved everything about it and what's not to love?

I loved walking the streets and taking in the sights and people.

Especially this person :)

Everywhere I walked, I could almost hear Bach or Beethoven or Mozart in my head. Is it any wonder?

I loved the colors.

And I loved the smell.

Newel said I was just overly influenced by diesel fumes from foreign fueled cars.


But maybe it was just the fact that the classical influence, art, and architecture, are everything I love and all of that went straight to my head.


  1. Oh, I am so glad you took this trip! You got gorgeous fall colors for your trip too! And, I am really not a city person....but I want to live in that yellow building. I really do!

    1. Kayla, I couldn't believe the colors! Maybe it's the current dry brown of Colorado but it was stunning.

  2. Oh Marlowe, how beautiful! I've never really hankered for a trip to Europe, but those pictures could do it for me...(and I'm glad you survived the autobahn!)

    1. Cindy, I never thought much about it myself but it all spoke to my humanities side. The way culture and history and economics influences art and music and literature and architecture. I think newel got a little tired of my constant quest to discover the history of each area and wondered why I just couldn't contentedly soak in a vacation :)

  3. SO so gorgeous!!! Glad you had fun and got to soak up so much culture and beauty!