"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

library rewards

The Denver Public Library rewards it's summer reading program readers with free tickets to our downtown Six Flags theme park.

We have a lot of kids, so, it's a deal. We walk in saying sign us up, and they look at us like we're cheating the system.

That's okay by us.

The amount of over due fines we pay, could probably purchase us our own theme park.

At the very least, fund a library branch.

Wouldn't you know, this year we waited to use them until the very last moment possible on our fall break and were hit with the first rainy cold of the season. 

No matter. It kept the lines down.

Grant claimed no fear for this free fall ride.

Sure enough. Dead inside.

This year, we were dad-less so it was the sidelines for a little while watching big kids.  

Then to the kiddie park, unleashing the big ones to do their own thing, staying together and just checking in every once in awhile. That's the beauty of an under-crowded theme park on a rainy day.

Funny how they just kept returning for some time with Eliza because this was the first year that she really "got it" and being with her was contagious.

We'd never used our prizes during the Halloween celebration before and decided procrastination had worked to our advantage.

Even if we were a bit chilly.

Until the sun went down and the drizzly park filled with smog machine fog and zombies traipsing out of every bush to frighten unaware kids.

No pictures.

Eliza, Charlotte and I fled determining that carousel horses were the happiest place on earth after dark, where we rode a hundred miles till we could ride no more.

And the rest was a teenager's dreamy nightmare. My big kids were in Halloween heaven and with that, they left hyped for the holiday.


  1. You are one brave woman to take all the kids to a theme park by yourself! looks like you guys had so much fun! Love the picture of Charolette!

    1. It seriously saved my sanity to have the park nearly empty due to the weather!

  2. Isn't that the great fun of having lots of kids - you all get to experience life's moments all over again with each new one. Love the baby in pink pic!