"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, December 14, 2012

factual friday

The kids are checked out. They still have one week to go before the Christmas break, but they are .. checked. out.

Christian and his new teeth.

I'm so glad that funny kid takes our disciplinary tactics the way he does. Seein's how he's the king of checked out right now. Last week, I absolutely refused to hold his hand one more morning. Instead, waited to see if he would be able to follow the same routine we've been doing for the last nine years of his life in getting ready for school.

I guess I answered my own question whilst taking him to school following the butt end of the bus for the third morning in a row.

And the fourth day .. after his clock alarm was snoozed for yet another time ... Newel got him up and sent him to chop wood in the dark cold out behind the coop for the day's duration.

I called the school to explain his absence. That our days hold certain responsibilities and if an education is not of value, then other opportunities await ... like manual labor. I assured the humored secretary that I was certain my boy would wish to be with them once again on the morrow.

He worked all day.

And laughed at me all day.

And laughed at himself all day.

And laughed with the teasing secretaries the next.

But ultimately got the point.

Eliza has asked and asked to go see Santa. Over breakfast the other morning, I told her that the young women would be putting on an evening with Santa at church activities next Wednesday. She would see Santa at church.

"And JESUS ??!!" she clapped with acclamation.

There's really no good way to explain to a three year old that Jesus won't be at church but Santa will.

Since braces have been a hot topic this week, Janie informed me that she didn't ever feel the need for braces because she loves her teeth as they are and thinks she looks absolutely perfect.

That right there is pure self esteem of the highest form. Can't help but love that girl.

This past Wednesday night's activities included gingerbread house making with friends.

Or animal cage making ... whatever.

Best night ever, said Celia. Somehow, I think it had nothing whatsoever to do with the house making itself but the company ;)

Annie has worked and worked on this DNA display. They could use anything to build the strand. Hearing about all the creativity of the other kids ... wow.

I'm really ready to get that thing out the door to school because the candy piranha's keep circling and I just know I'm going to find it in pieces on the floor.

And ... I'm calling this core exercise.

That's the factual Friday facts.

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  1. Love the animal cage! ;) Ooh and the rainbow colored DNA strand!