"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Actions of the Secret Service

Monday night at family home evening, we kicked off a new family tradition.

We're evolving our tradition of the Valentine fairy ... who used to doorbell ditch a surprise for each child on Valentine's Day evening ... which everyone is getting just a little too big for ... into something a little more substantial.

We drew names. Then tossed them into the fireplace to keep our secret person safe.

And introduced 14 days of  Valentine Mission: Secret Service. (They were so excited, we jump started a little early to get the ball rolling. A little extra secretive serving never hurt anybody, right?). We are encouraging one act a day.

The signature indicating that their Secret "Agent" has sprung can be any sort of calling card they'd like to leave sprinkled by three hearts from our jar on the counter.

It's has caught on like wild fire around here and been great fun to see the unfolding results.

They've had to think outside the box a little bit and be sneaky by getting someone else to hand write notes and such, just to throw the trail off.

Anything from laundry help, made beds, happy notes in lunch boxes, chores, newspapers put by breakfast plates (for Dad) and full/clean/matched sock drawers (also a Dad favorite).

Each night when I've come down from my goodnight rounds, I've found the kitchen in perfect order with any left over dish remnants done to completion and a small pile of hearts on the counter over the dishwasher ... with it running.

I sure am loving my Secret Service Agent :)

Each member of the Secret Service gets to conclude the fourteen days of serving by giving a $3 to $5, self funded, Valentine's gift to reveal themselves any way they choose.

A fun, new twist in celebration of a month of love.


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  2. I absolutely adore this idea!!!

  3. Thanks Kayla and Cindy! Celia says it takes the sting out of what high school students call "single awareness day" ... funny girl :)