"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, January 25, 2013

factual friday

Fact is, it's been awhile since I've had time for one of these.

Wanna hear something horrible? The Christmas tree was just taken down this morning.

Actually... that's not entirely true. I'm pre-writing this to post tomorrow ... to save time... so my real self can really take down that darn tree in the morning rather than getting distracted.

And by golly, the future me had better be doing so rather than letting her squirrelly brain jump to other lesser important things.

Because this me is ready to throw the whole thing to the corner.

So that above sentence ... "the Christmas tree was just taken down this morning" ... is more of a definitive declaration of intent than a statement of truth.

Problem? We left town. Got sick. Left town again.

And I can't put away the tree decorations until I've dejunked and organized the Christmas boxes.

And I can't organize the boxes until I've cleared out the corner of the basement in which they are stored.

And I can't clear out the corner in the basement until I've moved a stack of children's books awaiting a shelf to be put together.

And I can't put the shelf together until the kids have made space in their room ....

And so it goes. And there's a baby in the picture who is only happy with 100% undivided attention.

She is just barely doing this as long as she doesn't know there's no one holding her up. 
Boy, doesn't that sitting position make her more content, thought it kills me for her to already be shaking off bits of infant babiness.

See my squirrel brain? Organizationally speaking, the knee bone's connected to the hipbone.

Speaking of bones. The last minute of the last run of the last day of our post-Christmas ski trip, Christian got run over by an out of control skier breaking his collar bone on impact.

He's recovering. For awhile there, he wasn't strong enough to take out the trash or water the chickens but had no problems racing the go cart with the neighbor boys ... or shooting hoops with the guys at youth night ... or delving out noogies with the fellas at school.



I kept him home the first few days of his injury because I was concerned about the school hall jostle and antics of friends that might exasperate the break. He said that those three days home with me were worth the trouble and he'd break his collar bone again for that time alone.

Is that sad or what.

I don't know whether to feel flattered or terrible that that is what it takes.

Last weekend, Newel, Charlotte and I took a quick trip to Charleston, SC for my beautiful cousin's wedding with an added bonus of seeing some long missed family.

It was a whirlwind but I enjoyed Newel. Charlotte enjoyed me. The kids enjoyed the sitter. The sitter enjoyed the pay. Everybody won.

Sorry, she and I were having a moment there.

That city is stunning in it's old cobble stoned glory and fabulous dining. I came home with many a chef's specialty to attempt duplication.

Southern style lemonade street vendors. So darn cute, I could not resist.

I even got excited about the tapas box served on the airplane and the chicken wrap wolfed down in an airport layover. So much so ... I revamped school lunches this week to recreate tapas boxes and chicken wraps in lieu of our boring pb&j usual.

As a seasoned world traveler, Newel laughs at my attention to such minor details as indulgences but doggonit, I'm a gal who soaks up every minute in the batter's box so's she can head back in the game ready to attempt a home run.

The wedding was a formal affair so I whipped up a dress to wear. I know it's been far too long since I've sewn when the feel of the fabric pieces coming together to create something beautiful sends a ripple of satisfaction through my soul.

Doesn't that sound poetic?

It was until Charlotte blurped moo juice down the front of it halfway through the reception.

Newel brought me flowers just because this week. Or as he put it "Without even being in trouble." I can't help loving a guy like that. He won't like me gushing this up, but he just knows what I need when I need it and I hope he knows how much I appreciate that.

He helps me get through the darkness of winter with laughter that sometimes hurts, it's that good. He keeps me focused and a little less squirrelly. And he says nothing about a Christmas tree still standing in the corner on the 25th of January.

And that's the facts.


  1. Way too much to comment on. I am sure your tree is down by now...and if it isn't... the world will not end....your husband will not get rid of you....and we will not stop loving you either! Whoever the grandmother sort is with the paper crown....she is beautiful and has the loveliest blue eyes. You know how I feel about your little munchkin...you have as many moments as you want. Your dress is adorable. Every dress I have has been spat up on. Every single one. You are in good company! And yes, you have to love a man that gives you flowes when you aren't in trouble!

  2. Kayla, that is my grandmother. She's a hoot. So deeply southern and the "bless your heart" sort. You know the kind :)

  3. I wish the words,"I whipped up a dress to wear" would ever be able to come out of my mouth. You are so talented!