"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my memory is full

Literally. I get a warning that my startup disk is full every time I turn on my computer. My external drive is maxed out too. It slows everything down.

Maybe that's good. Because I've slowed down, come out from behind the camera that can't load pictures anyway, enjoyed more and filled my own memory.

Last look at December 2012 as this morning I greet 2013.

After the fact, Christmas decor quickly becomes stale and cluttering. But in the midst of the magic, the air is thick. 

We usually do a gift exchange amongst kids. I love how they think about their person, earn for it, await their excitement. This year, we separated that gift giving from the morning madness by doing it on Christmas eve to give its' importance full due.


Amongst the early morning stocking rubble with my baby.

All things Dora.

Best kept secret. Best Craig's list purchase. Best surprise .... ever.

We wrapped two used helmets with post-its saying, "Take me outside". They stared at us blankly wondering why we'd give them used helmets and tried to feign gratitude.

These two have worked for nearly a year to save every penny in the hopes that IF they had the cash in hand, Newel would say yes to them one day.

There's been an awful lot of wood splitting, pile stacking, and slumped shoulders that this might be an unattainable goal.

But even a dad's heart can be softened at Christmas and for the price of those earned dollars stuffed between their mattresses being deposited to a mission fund ... the gift was theirs.

We haven't seen them since.

For my big girls, a lunch date with me, topped off by a makeup application/skin care class. They were so cute and said they'd never felt more stunning ... even though I assured them I find them stunning without :)

What to do when baby's feet get cold.

Speed reading that last chapter to earn a movie date night with Newel and me.

Cute babies and babysitters so I could slip away for that date.

The one shot wonder Christmas card. Because within seconds that baby spit up buckets on the dad who snapped at the teens who barked at the little boy who burst into tears. Game over.

But they looked so happy for a minute.

Big kids headed out for a night of New Year's dancing, leaving our at-home party-ing just a little bit on the lighter side.

And into a new year we go with every hope of fresh space to store new memories.


  1. i love this post marlowe!!
    so much to say...first of all i really need to figure out my camera for REAL this year! your photos looks so clear and crisp and i love that!
    i love the sibling gift exchange on Christmas eve. we are doing that for sure next year. what pure joy you captures there.:)
    and that craig list surprise...priceless!
    i love your card and the collage on the back. we may steal that idea too!:)
    and your house looks so beautiful and warm and inviting. i love all the pops of color.

    thanks for this post today marlowe, more inspiring then you know.:)
    have a happy day

  2. Oh Marlowe, this is such a beautiful post..such lovely kids!!! Love your Christmas card!! Sorry to hear about your hard drive...see if there is a big file that you no longer need..maybe in Micorsoft word..to create some temporary space on your hard drive...do not let your hard drive crash!! Find someone who can walk you thru these computer issues, so that you can keep taking photos!! hugs, cathy

    1. Thank you Cathy! I finally got things shuffled around. Time to abandon the kids computer, I guess. Finally on my own .. Merry Christmas to me! I feel like a big kid now :)