"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, February 21, 2013

factual friday

Last weekend was awesome and not just because we shared in a very special day for this niece who I kept picturing as a four year old with ribbons from my wedding gifts taped in her hair.

Though that was pretty great, too.

Mostly because I spent the entire weekend gnawing Newel's ear off in conversation over everything under the sun for four. straight. days. Seriously. We wandered, I yammered.

Visiting this ...

which is one of my favorite places on earth. 

Then heading down to our Alma mater where we relived every memory of our beginnings together ... as well as some before there was "us".

We stopped at the dormitory of my freshman year and I pointed out site after site of happenings in my first time away from home. Which window was mine. The sand pit I'd pretended to read books by as boys played "beach" volleyball. The paths I'd taken to campus. The spot where I'd ditched that date who'd decided to use a bush as a bathroom rather than complete the few necessary yards further. The creative invites that got out of hand to the girl's choice dances ....

Still visualizing my footsteps warm on the pavement, we decided to stop at the dorm cafeteria malt shop for old time's sake.

There'd been a remodel since those days but we weren't deterred. We entered what was now called the "Creamery" and moseyed for a milk shake like we'd once owned the place.

"Is this the Cosmo's Connection?" Newel asked the baby faced gal serving on the other side.

"Ummmm ... I don't know what that is .... ", she giggled nervously. "Maybe up at the Wilk ???" she offered with a shrug and glazed over sideways smile.

"Okay." Newel said with a wink in my direction, "How about a Raspberry Pie shake?"

"Ummmm ...." came the bubblegum sweetness once again, "I don't think I have those ingredients .... "

"How old are you?" Newel couldn't help but ask.

"Nineteen" she replied.

It was his turn to glaze. "Ummmm ... that was before you were born ... " he trailed off. In that moment, it was as if the gulf between today and that day parents set me and my suitcase on the outside curb, had swallowed me whole. 

This weekend he's off with best friends of those days and beyond, having the time of his life, I am certain. With a view like the one he sent up above there ... how could they not be soaking it all in? I love that they keep in touch and that they keep each other young.

And I find myself content with this girl ... this third wheel on my weekend get away ... because that sparkle in her eye is enough fountain of youth for me.

Even when a college co-ed half my age indirectly tells me differently. And that's a fact.


  1. I love your temple pics--gorgeous! What kind of lens were you using?

    1. Cindy, I have a 50mm 1.2 but the perfectly blue bird day would have produced pictures from even an iPhone, I believe!

    2. But I DOUBT seriously that in phone would have gotten the straight lines of the temple. That's been one of my frustrations, that even with my new camera I still get a little lens distortion that looks like the lines are curved...but yours looks perfect!

  2. I would take that little third wheel in a heartbeat! I am so glad you two had some of that kind of time together, because I well know it certainly doesn't happen at home!

    1. Thanks Kayla! I could eat those cheeks ... And I've tried :)

  3. Beautiful pictures... as always. And little baby girl, absolutely ADORABLE! I love seeing that little face!

  4. I was there with you. Freshman year. We turn 40 this year. Right? LOVE YOU!

    1. Oh Scarlette! And you were there with me in spirit this weekend! We felt like life was just beginning then ... I don't know where it went. Miss you :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos! And I love your stories about BYU! My husband and I met there, too. So sweet!

    1. Thanks April! Feels like a dream, doesn't it?