"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, March 15, 2013

factual friday

When a man announces out of the blue that he's going to Costco ...

He will come home with a random collection of manly stuff. Some edible. Some not. None of which will make an actual full meal. All of which merely appealed to his senses at the time.

And they call women impulse buyers.

When I'm making dinner and this sort of thing is going on around the corner, my heart melts.

This right here is exactly why I check pants pockets before putting them in the wash .. even though that one time I found a collection of rollie pollie bugs in the lint filter nearly killed my will to put a hand in that chamber of secrets. 

Yep, that's a thumb drive containing a 14 year old boy's most important school assignments in the middle of that mess. 

Celia has joined the tennis team. She says it doesn't matter that they don't know how to play well, so long as they look cute in the uniforms.

One would think this babies sideways lean position means my days are numbered.

But she has continued to act completely stuck without someone to pony her around.

Until this morning ...

When I found that cheater pants pulling clothes out of her drawers and throwing them on the floor.
Little Stinker. Someone's been withholding their mobility.

Friday mornings, we visit library story time out in rural-ville beyond our rural-ville.

Last week, we stepped into the thrift store across the street and while there, a gal taking photos asked for Eliza's picture next to a basket of plastic eggs being filled for the local egg hunt.

This morning, Eliza arrived in town as a celebrity.
Her picture was every where, advertising the Saturday shindig.
Each individual we encountered had seen the daily paper.

What's not to love about rural-ville when you get to share the front page with a little llama drama ;)

And yes ... she dresses herself .. which makes her look ... local ;)

Speaking of dressing one's self .. every single body bailed out of here for school this morning in shorts and flip flops like today's 70's were the signal to summer.

The trip home from the library begged for a swing at the park. It was lovely despite the patches of snow still remaining on the ground from last weekend's spring storm.

So lovely, even Charlotte went shoeless.

Eliza's favorite bedtime story is Goodnight Moon. It's a must read often. She brought her dad a bedtime story from the library ... just for him.

It's written in a language he understands.

And that is Friday along with it's facts.


  1. We are LOLing here about the llama drama, and we may have to get Goodnight Ipad for CL's baby...

  2. :) I was given the Goodnight Ipad book for Christmas (my sister is a librarian). It is a great book!

  3. Eliza looks like a doll in her picture! Lovin' the llama drama too. At least Charlotte's first foray into mischief as a mobile child was something as easy to pick up as clothes, right? Tell Celia she definitely looks cute in her uniform! Ha! I will have to look for that Goodnight IPad book!