"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, May 24, 2013

factual friday favorites

Okay ... not a favorite really to start with but ... my beautiful blue eyed grandmother spent the greater part of last week in the hospital having heart surgery.  

Regardless, she is our favorite so we worried our hearts out. Though we could not be there or even talk to her, we had to suffice with a digitally sent picture of the part of us that were home to wish her well and a speedy recovery.

I'm told, having been released from the hospital just Tuesday, she immediately went to have her hair done and spent the better part of today bathing suit shopping for summer.

And .. we are a rough looking lot after five o'clock.

This poorly out of focus picture just pushes the pause button for me.

These last days of school have really hit me that time is moving too fast. Next week, I will have two high school students and my baby-girl-fifth-grader will move on up into middle school. I'm not ready for that.

This boy still turns and waves at me at the door of the school. I tried to save the moment but didn't want him to turn around to see my camera rather than me with my smile and returning wave ... so this ... this is that moment before the moment and my sad efforts to never forget the time and place.

Celia was inducted into the National Thespian Society. A way more energetic group than those Spanish Honors inductees :)

We are bad teasers and never let up about her being a thespian .. because we are immature .. and it's a funny word.

Every Friday, Eliza likes to go to story time at the library. Some, because Mrs. Denise does fantastic crafts and activities, like last weeks tea party. Mostly, because she's made a friend named Mike who she talks about all. of. the. time.

We should probably get out more.

But we like Mike.

And he likes Eliza.

They have a lot in common ... like ... they both cut their own hair, hate baths and are super good at putting their own shoes on the wrong feet.

He's really smart and loves to whisk her away after the stories and crafts for a game of checkers. I worried that her inability to play might hinder his game so one day I sat close by to help her actually play. Mike promptly explained the rules to me which included some tower building and bumper checkers ... and I realized they had it all in hand and didn't need me after all.

This from my email in box. I'm pretty sure there are animal activists out there that would disapprove. But hey ... it's the country ...

I wonder what child social services would say if they'd heard Newel jest about a swap meet for children ;)

We have two female barn cats who are sharing in the feeding of ten kittens between them. They can't tell whose kittens are whose and quit trying, so both mothers just lay side by side and feed whichever kittens whenever. Sometimes, they take turns and one mother feeds all ten while the other skips off for awhile.

Janie calls it beautifully disturbing.

Though frowned upon by human mother's .. I gotta say they might just have something there with the tag team mothering idea .. if not only once in awhile ;)

Still, I paid a visit to the swap meet to put up an advertisement for kittens.

Someone was unloading a pair of peacocks.

I had to send Newel a picture and text, asking if we needed peacocks to wander with our chickens in the yard.

His reply was firmly in the negative.

But ... the guy that tried to sell me this hawk on a leather strap trained to hunt peasants?

Newel did validate that it would be cool whilst maintained his "No".

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "hawking one's wares."

Charlotte has been the worst sleeper lately. Here's an early morning effect of sleep deprivation. Bet someone is glad I caught my mistake. That oatmeal would be a doozy cuz that ain't the cinnamon.

She was so strung out on Sunday night. On the advice of a friend, I moved her bed out of my room finally. Low and behold, that girl slept in the dark, quiet, cool guest bedroom for thirteen hours straight.

And has never looked back.

Poor baby. We've been keeping her awake worrying that she might miss out on our party.

So much for thinking I'd loose less sleep if I didn't have to travel at night for feedings.

Now to establish a good sleep pattern so I can move her in with the girls.

Annie directed a play scene for her drama class student showcase. It was hard for her because she's generally pretty quiet and reserved around the other kids at school.  I love to see her do hard things out of her comfort zone. She did it beautifully.

Her bestest best friend -- who I've said before, I would keep as my own -- did an awesome job, too. She was all drama up there on that stage. 

My favorite time of the year is finally upon us.

We are in love with out door dinners.

This was Mother's Day TFD's (tin foil dinners over the fire pit). It was such a good Mother's Day. And I can't complain about a since, seein's how Eliza has wished me a Happy Mother's Day no less than four times a day every day.

Celia ran the sound and lighting booth in the high school play. She did fabulous and we supported her behind the scenes efforts by enjoying a night attending Holes.

She was very in charge ... though it was hard to get a picture of her working in the rafters in the dark to get those spotlights and sound effects just right.

I lost my phone charger this week and well .. when that happens .. sometimes magic does too.

And that's a fact.


  1. I LOVE the pics of Eliza and Mike--that is hilarious! Also that Newell is wearing a coat at the tin foil dinner but the kids are in shorts & tshirts. That happens all the time here...

  2. Nothing deep to say. Just loved everything. Every picture. Every thought. Every joke. We really should be real life friends, not just cyber friends! ;)