"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, June 7, 2013

factual friday

On the last day of school, I opened my eyes around seven thirty in the morning, not at all certain that I cared that the children were already half an hour late for school.

Newel remarked that we were laying down on the finish line.

What do you expect.

It's hard to push past Memorial day when heretofore, summer has traditionally begun the day after.

And it felt as if every evening had held some sort of musical program, continuation, activity, party, late night whatever.

I can't believe I will now have two middle school girls, as Janie finished up her elementary years.

And two high school students, as Christian completed his middle school ones.

That kid is so tall, folks laugh when he says he's in middle school.

Laugh no more. See that wad of paper in his hand? That would be his certificate of continuation. It meant a lot to him.

He is such a cute boy. Even though he makes Celia feel short.

She is thrilled to be entering her Junior year. I sure wish she would slow down.

I thought once the school stuff was over, I'd be able to breathe.

Not so.

Maybe life never does slow down.

Somewhere in it all, I got the best pedicure I've ever had while the boys were off at the father's and son's campout. We also had a girl's dinner out and a sleep over in my room. Eliza was buzzed about that.

We hosted a backyard movie party to kick off the summer.

Held a Girl's Camp mega fundraiser in my yard.

If you stand around at church in the wrong place for too long, they will determine that you don't have enough to do ... even if you already have responsibilities as the Stake Primary first councilor.

You could quickly find yourself as the ward Girl's Camp Director, too.

After many a planning session and activity to prepare, we are so excited for camp next week and I'm thrilled to see these women in action. They are amazing with our girls. More to come on that.

There's been some camping in the yard by the kids.

We tried our hand a kayaking and now are chomping at the bit to do it again and take our teens.

And those same teens flew the coop right out of the starting gate for Efy at Brigham Young University.

I'm betting they are having the time of their lives living it up on a college campus with other LDS youth. At least I'm assuming so since I've heard nary a word from either of them since last Saturday.

Then again, I was clear about turning off cell phones and living in the moment and no news means they are doing just that.

But now I'm ready to get them back and hear all the good stuff. Two less is too few.

And that's a fact.


  1. Who dropped your kids off at EFY? Josh goes the 17th and I have some questions...

  2. Cindy, Andra came to my rescue with the pick up and drop off to campus. Will and Marci are snagging them tomorrow for the return trip home from SLC. They were so excited to hang with Andra ... as well you can guess :)

  3. Princess Bride!!! My favorite! One less kid is too few around here...so I know exactly what you mean....have fun catching up. Oh and you looked super cute in your little ponytails for kayaking!