"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, June 27, 2013

girl's camp

I already have a pretty extensive responsibility at church in the stake primary presidency working with the children and their leaders. 

I have little littles so I've loved being with the littlest folks for such a long time.

But when I was asked to double up and serve as ward girl's camp director for our young women, I jumped at the chance.

Sometimes it feels like my older kids are passing me by. Having one foot in each world was the best of both worlds, if only for a minute.

We dropped Christian off for scout high adventure the same morning as our departure for camp.

Man oh man, there's a whole lot of planning put into that thing! The spiritual insights, the bonding fun, the unabashed hilarity ... are all worth it. 

Getting outside of the usual perameters of life, these girls let loose with those personalities.

And we all got a little crazy ...

Fun to see my own girls in a different light.

And you know what? As an adult .. and a leader no less ... they don't/won't/can't send you home for doing all of those things you wanted to do back when you were a young woman ;)

Stuff like ... starting water fights, dive bombing girls with shaving cream, instigating glitter wars at the craft tent, one bite watermelon eating contests, dish rag battles over after-dinner table washing, and never to be forgotten ...

Sneaking around outside of bathrooms and tents in the dark of night in a Ghillie suit. Priceless.

I may never be invited back, but they won't soon forget I was there. And treasuring the moments spent and memories made with such amazing young women and leaders, neither will I.

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