"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, July 18, 2013

beached 2013

I'm still chipping away at a mountain of laundry. We look up at four o'clock and think it is noon. There's an awful lot of shaking from the sugar and fried detox. But ... 

There are 335 days until we do it all over again and we are already counting.

We took our first dad-less trip across the country to Litchfield, South Carolina. Newel flew in from Germany to meet us.

These kids are awesome co-pilots. They took turns keeping me awake, telling me their life stories ;)

And ... maybe it was the daily journey with a pool swim before bed, their expertly honed hotel entry and exit skills,  breaking the "no eating snacks in the car" rule, or choosing our playlists over NPR for a change ...

Whatever it was, we had a good time together.

We made it to visit and hug Grand Janie in Charleston before her open heart surgery. She experienced some bumps along the way but she's tougher than nails.

Why does this man always look to be in pain when I grab him for a picture?

See? Better but still.

Grand Janie had tickets to Brookgreen Gardens for us.

The kids weren't enthused with my love of art. I can't imagine why.

The south has some awesome bugs.

The Gardens had a kiddie play area Eliza was convinced was Disneyland. I'm not letting her know differently ;)

We live for time with these kids who are the children of our college friends. Every year, I wish we lived closer.

We peer pressured them to jump into the canal off the bridge.

Either it drew a crowd because we were crazy ... or just that cool.

At low tide when this hammerhead shark beached in the marsh out front of our house, the verdict was crazy.

I've been going here for thirty years and NEVER spotted a shark.

Some serious game nights, fireworks, golf cart racing, teenage antics ... just 335 more days and counting.


  1. What happened to the shark? I've never seen one in the marsh either! And I love dad-less trips across the country--such memories! I was just wondering not 3 hrs ago how Janey had come through her surgery so I'm glad to know. :)

  2. Cindy, the tide started coming in and next we looked it was gone. We had thought it dead. It was a little over two and a half feet. That's kind of big. And scary. Hammerheads are agressive. Seriously, never seen that before!

  3. And Cindy ... Gj did do well. Thank you for thinking of her. She had a stroke hours after the surgery and has had a go of that but Mom took her home today.

    And ... my parents bought a house there so I'm not sure what that means yet either. Guess they are part-timers now.

  4. As usual, too many photos and thoughts to comment on! Fun. Where did Celia get her swimsuit? We are looking for cute, stylish and modest swimwear for my girls.We have the same kind of friends from college that live in Iowa, so we don't get to visit them very often....but whenever we do....we wish that we lived nearby again! Glad Grand June is doing better!

  5. Kayla, the purple one is the best thing that ever came out of a Walmart. She lucked out because she fell in love and it's darn cute. The black, the stripe, and Annie's pink came from Lime Ricki. Their end of summer clearance is great. Down East outfitters has cute ones too. Suits can be so expensive, especially good modest ones but you'll hit the end of summer clearance sales soon and they are great!

    As I drove through Atlanta, I wish, wish, wished I had time to meet up. Hope your home sale is going better!

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  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures as always! We made our first trip to Litchfield over spring break. I hate we missed the art exhibits ;) I was fixing to scream "don't jump, there's sharks everywhere!" Then I scrolled and had to smile at your shark picture. You have such a beautiful family! LOVE watching them grow!