"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, August 5, 2013

pinteresting selfie

I don't have a Pinterest.
I'm conflicted about how I feel about Pinterest.
What's not to love about having every imaginable homemade idea right at your fingertips?

Sometimes, I feel like original creative thought gets stifled.
Sometimes, I need a boost in creativity and I think I might find that boost on Pinterest.
Sometimes, I think up something great then hear from my girls, "Oh, I saw that on Pinterest".
Sometimes, I wonder what's the point of being original.
Sometimes, I'm overwhelmed by all that Pinteresty great stuff I might should be doing.
Sometimes, I wish I had a Pinterest so I could be better at everything.
Sometimes, I'm glad I don't so I can just be mediocre me.



I grew up clipping favorites from magazines to paste in scrapbooks and I guess that's no different.

Still ... I like to tease my girls who love Pinterest, that I think they should try to be more interesting than pinteresting as they come up with their own creative ideas.

And .. . whenever I have what I think is an original idea (though I'm pretty sure it's already been Pinterested) I proclaim me, "So great, I should Pinterest myself" in a sing-song voice accompanied by solo laughter and eye rolls all around.

I know.

A pathetic party of one.

BUT!! ...

Today I had such a moment and it was just too good not to share.

I got tired of making sandwiches for the pool.
Let out a deep sigh.
Looked around the kitchen for a solution.
And there you have it.

Pure genius.

And I really am feeling so great I should Pinterest myself ... if I had a Pinterest.  ;)


  1. HILARIOUS. I've been wondering how I can make a sheet-pan shaped loaf of bread so that I can make one big sheet of toast instead of buttering all those tiny little pieces. Maybe this is the answer! No creative thought on my part required.

    1. That is true, Erin. With pinterest I don't have to think ... Maybe I should be more thrilled that I can drain the creative juice tank and give it a rest ;)

      I think loaf toast would be genius too!!

  2. Ha! In addition to sometimes stifling creativity and sometimes inspiring it, Pinterest can also be depressing and give you a case of the "why can't I have nice things like that?"

  3. Amen Kayla ... There again, I have to set my girls straight that theirs will not be a "pinteresty" wedding .. It's ruining them, I tell ya!