"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

before the real labor begins

We had a little taste of school last week but what I love about Labor Day, is that last summer hurrah.

It's been a long time since we've gone camping as a whole family. There were plenty of camping chair claim tiffs, games with only one winner, chore back talking, possessive tent space rumbles ... and that might be why it's been awhile.

But how do you hold on to the moments that the camera can't justify?

Like big boy excitement over masses of wild growing raspberries. Christian literally sat down in a patch, picking and double fisting those gems.

Or that we are easily entertained by a fallen log as a natural see-saw.

Laughing at Newel's obsession over hanging a tarp to keep the afternoon rains off of us. Those kids grumbled at the compulsive rehanging .. over.. and over ... and over again .. but we will always remember the only thing their dad has ever had to "over think and over engineer". That's rare.

Naptime and bed time resistance and the discovery of zippers. 

And sisters who will carry us while we sleep.

Ways to pass the rainy afternoons .. under our subpar-ly hung tarp ;)

Making certain no one starved for three days. I had a ball researching no cook recipes, desserts-beyond-smores, and honing my dutch oven skillz. Note to self for the future: Pre-chopping, labeling everything, pre-cooking meats, freezing for long term storage, was the perfect way to go. The chili, the skewers, BBq chicken pizzas, were awesome.

As were the desserts ...

Hikes with a passenger over eager to share snacks.

Hiking illegally off trail and telling stories about fairies and goblins dancing magic in the dark silence of the back country woods.

Some of us wearing the same clothes every single day even though we brought plenty of changes.

Stuff our dad likes to teach at an early age.

Eliza and her danger whistle. We told her to keep it on and blow it if she was lost or saw a bear .. you know .. if she was in danger.

Then she spent the entire weekend blowing it at every bee in her vicinity.

Cuz of the danger. Of course.

Warning: Charlotte alert just too cute for words.

But mostly, sitting around the campfire at night, telling scary stories, singing songs, playing word games, sharing haunted occurrences in our own house (some of us were really excited about that little bit), lingering just a bit longer, flashlights in the dark to and from the bathroom ... it all adds up to an amazing adventure.

Once the dirt washes off.


  1. We made tin foil dinners one night and dutch oven lasagna the other night when we camped recently. Our friends acted like we had invented 5 star dining--it was so funny!

    1. When we got home, Cindy, I handed everyone a bowl of cereal so I could unpack all our kitchen tools from the trip. The fallen faces! I'm afraid we've created expectations :)

  2. Ooh, we're going this coming weekend. So much fun. Also, the scouts in our ward went to camp for a week and all the parents have been exchanging stories about how many clean pairs of underwear they unpacked from their boys' bags when they got back...apparently the same clothes as yesterday, and the day before, is just camping style. Love Christian's face over the dessert. Ha.

    1. Just unloaded the duffle bags in front of the washer, Erin ... every single pair ... folded. Gross.

  3. I smiled through this whole post. I wonder if I could get my city boy hubby to go camping with us. I grew up camping and I remember some of the things you were talking about so well.....hmmmm....

    1. Kayla, mine is a city boy too. Thus the sadly hung tarp. If my California boy can do it, yours can do it to. And, oh what pretty places to go out in your neck of the woods!! I'm jealous :)