"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, September 9, 2013

fresh starts, parent's retreat and the artwork of heaven

School began.

It was a rush from that county fair madness straight in. 

Man, O man, am I grateful for self sufficient and patient kids. I'm not so hot at back to school shopping for backpacks, supplies or clothing. I wasn't blessed with 28 hour days ... though, I've often wished.

I watched them consolidate their lists and pass down backpacks and share out of each other's closets to appear "new" on the first day because their mediocre mom just didn't have the time.

After that first day of school ... because it always seems they come home with extra classroom needs ... Celia piled them all in the car and took off with my debit card, their supply lists and budgetary instructions.

It was a little slice of heaven. And aside from the box of Poptarts and six pack of rootbeer that tried to fly under the radar meant to pad a big boy's new high school locker ;) ... they did a darn good job.

Don't those faces look excited to be up early in the a.m?

I don't know why I didn't get Grant's. He's flying solo in the elementary shift this year and we get some real one on one. It's nice.


Before he and Eliza were even out of bed, I was lapping up some first day pancakes and time with this sweetness. She's absolutely scrumptious in the morning. After she's been changed, that is.

First week down, Newel surprised me with arrangements for an over night trip to the mountains in Vail, not very far away. We wrote out complete scheduled instructions for Celia to care for everyone and still keep the house standing.

Boy, did that girl do a fine job.

I'm sure the promised pay for the new school clothes she was wanting helped.

Newel and I spent the weekend chatting on and on about parenting tactics, concerns with children, goals, hopes, and ways to boost our game to help our kids succeed in life and make our home run more smoothly.

And then I made him pose for pictures like this .. which are not his fave ;)

We took in the magnificence of the outdoors and soaked in just a little more summer.

And had more discussions about the beauty of God's plan and the placement of families in it.

We couldn't resist eating handfuls of these wild raspberries growing off trail.

But did resist eating these berries that look like yogurt covered raisins.

I wish I could describe the smell of this clover field. As if I'd stuck my head in a honey jar and breathed deeply.

A breath of fresh air I was so grateful to have and refill with rejuvenated purpose.

And then we returned ready to tackle the beginnings of a new year head on and hopefully add some of our own brush strokes to heaven's artistry.


  1. Ahhh....amen. Who knew Vail was so beautiful when it isn't ski season?!?

  2. Me too, Kayla! I kept thinking, "this is what is under all that snow??!!"

  3. Then I kept thinking, "the kids should see this ..." So I guess that's how much fun one on one trips with me are ;)

  4. Oh so, so beautiful, Marlowe, the pictures and the words! Happy new school year!