"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Saturday, October 5, 2013

factual friday

(.. on Saturday because I don't know how yesterday got away from me yet again.)

Blink and you'll miss Colorado's fall.

No. Seriously. I closed my eyes and opened them up to this today ...

It made me want to cry.

I'm feeling that way about life right now, too.

Celia sat on the couch in my bedroom, halfway doing homework and filling me in on the day's high school happenings while I folded a pile of laundry loaded on my bed. We reviewed some upcoming scheduling conflicts around an ACT prep course she's taking.

The moment froze as the thought occurred that plans to apply to summer semester at the college of her choice might very well make this next summer our last all together.

I mentioned that to her and her stunned silence was much longer than mine.

Exciting as that is, neither of us are ready for that kind of talk.

Life's been busy. Another blink I can't seem to help.

I finished up a few more senior photo shoots. Hammered out some fall organizational household things. Established back to school routines. 

The minute I felt on top of life, the stake released me from the primary presidency. Before I was able to leave stake conference following the announcement, I'd found myself spiraling as the secretary of our new young women's presidency.

Facilitating a need to clean up my computer files, sync my calenders and schedules, and set some systems into place ... uck. Thank heavens for super patient husbands with super human IT skillz.

Here's a whole bunch of "blinks" according to my iPhone, leaving me wondering at how I got from there to here so quickly.

One day last week, Charlotte stood on her stilts and walked across the room out of the blue. Stinker. That girl has had us ponying her around for fifteen months. 

So bittersweet this time around. It tears my at my heart to know there will be a future where I can't remember that she couldn't walk. But ...

I've never had a baby long to flee babyhood so, and that being the case, I've wanted it for her. In the doing, she is so much happier to be her own girl which makes our relationship happier, too.

I have hours of video but no photos other than that one above where she's trying out a new pair of shoes with which she has a love/hate relationship. Can't walk with them but don't dare try to take them off. It's a spiral of insanity.

Her progress has been fast. Today she even turned from me and ran laughing .. sort of.

We had our best gardening year to date. The girls were so excited about our first haul.

Less excited about the twelfth and fifteenth haul. But the rains, though damaging in some parts, helped us grow some things we've never had success with before.

Apparently, even the Jedi's were celebrating with a vegi-roast of their own.

The kids and I are taking joint tennis lessons. Knowing how to play made us really enjoyed watching Christian on the high school team. He's pretty spectacular to watch with that serve coming down from six foot four.

He was also recognized for the project he completed for his Eagle scout. Almost done. Almost done. That thing is a beast. More on that eventually ... I hope :)

Apple picking our neighbor's tree. Nothing like Saturday morning and fresh apple cider.

A primary temple trip.

Teenage gatherings that make my heart turn to mush.

Knowing the weather will change and soaking up every last ray of sun in picnics and parks.

Adequately nicknamed "Woodchuck", she tries out those few teeth on everything.

Oh yeah, and my phone was filled with 150 shots of this ... boys and an armpit, thank heavens. Enough said.

Pinewood derby madness dadless. Christian, Grant and I worked so hard on this car we were certain would beat all others.

How did we come in dead last?? Especially to that one taped together??? Clearly not my specialty.

Homecoming spirit week "superheroes". These wonder twins loved all the attention at school. I, on the other hand, would have died rather than show up with my underwear on the outside of my clothing.

I find it thrilling to see them having so much fun together in high school.

Last Friday, Eliza and I cranked out a dozen loaves of zucchini bread from all we dragged in from the garden before the freeze.

All twelve were consumed by Monday. So much for preservation.

This morning, returning frozen from the last bus shift, I couldn't help but jump back between the sheets. Newel was still around and very quickly we had two little girls snuggled up between us. Eliza sighed contentedly and said, "Aaaahhh...it's just you, me, Charlotte, Dad ... and no kids."

I couldn't bring myself to break it to her that she and Charlotte are a part of that "kid" group cuz all too soon, I'll close my eyes and everything will change again.

It's all too fast .. and that's a fact.

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  1. Just want you to know we feel your pain on the pinewood derby car. I was never so glad for any phase in our lives to be over as the pinewood derby!!