"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, October 17, 2013

heading in to India

In the morning, these two biggest kids of mine and I are headed here.

To meet Newel who is already there on a business trip.

It's been a grueling process. Just ask Christian who had to fill out form after form for visas, passports and vaccines in his neatest handwriting. And that kid has never had time to slow down much for handwriting.

I'm trying my hardest to remember my last oral typhoid pill tonight. My brain is a sieve of preparation.

Better than all of these, where I walked around feeling like I had a touch of malaria.

Can you tell how glad this dad was to have those visas done? He had to do them twice.

Gotta love modern technology, though. They let you take your own mug shots for visas so long as they are properly exposed and all. 

That's got to be the most stressful bit of photography I have ever taken. One mess up and the whole process starts over ... and no, the first glitch wasn't my error (see above boy straining over legible handwriting :)

I couldn't be more excited and yet, I know it will all be over too quickly. The sights to see, the culture to absorb, and a visit here.

Providing, I'm certain, a whole new perspective on that washing machine spinning to clean those clothes to throw in suitcases and the babysitter-prepped-freshly-stocked cabinets, courtesy of Costco.

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  1. Wow Marlowe that is SO exciting! What a fantastic experience for you all! I can't wait to read about it and hear the incredible stories you will no doubt have to share! xo