"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

india, joy in the journey

This is a quick prologue into what feels like a really long time in a world away. My heart and head are way too full to make much sense yet, and there are little girl's thirsting for my attention today.

First and foremost, I left Grandma with way more instructions than she probably needed ;)

She was magnificently capable as I knew she would be!

Even when someone sensed something was wrong as we headed to the door.

I did feel bad leaving her with this, though. Arizonans just aren't equipped for such natural disasters ;)

Christian's simple to please nature, tickles me. When I asked him what he was most excited about, it was the mints on the car service ride, the airplane movies, the little trays for food ... you know, simple stuff.

He was positively brimming with excitement. Celia had homework to crank out on the plane that made her less excited.

We thought we'd best load up on airport Chinese food in the event we never got to eat again. One never knows.

Somewhere in there, Christian got his finger stuck in a chair and rather than helping him, we laughed our eyeballs out and took pictures. How do these things happen?!

The last novel I read took me the entire summer of interrupted reading.  It's been awhile so I thoroughly absorbed myself in this one.

See? Absolute thrill ride .. we're pretty simple.

Once we began crossing over foreign lands, we started feeling really small. How can one not when the realization hits that those dots down there are homes, farms, transportation of people leading lives quite different from yours on the far side of the globe?

I think this is not far from Dubai.

And once that North Star appeared over all that middle east desert, I could easily see why so many had been led by and searched for answers from the heavens. I would too.

All a little joy in the journey.

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