"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, November 4, 2013

halloween lame-li-ness

I knew before we left that halloween was coming.

I sort-of-kind-of-in-the-crush of squaring away teenage missed school assignments for some pretty hard classes, agendas for Grandma, packing, church prep while we'd be gone, and attending to the necessities of children living motherless for awhile ..... thought for just one second about halloween costumes.

Then I told kids that they'd best use their creativity during fall break.

We missed the church party.

We missed the neighborhood hayride, though the grandparents were awesome to take those here at home. I just have nothing photographically to prove it.

And thank heavens for good friends nice enough to invite us to their home for dinner and trick or treating on Halloween night.

I must have been a little jet laggy still. I forgot my camera. I left my phone at home. I kicked myself and then just soaked in good fun and friendships.

Here's to my lameness ...

No one wore the same costume twice.

I was unhelpful.

This year the costume box came in handy.

It made me nostalgic to realize that this year was the first year with only one elementary party to attend.

Those days are coming to a close.

Back when I used to fly crazily between four classrooms, I thought other smiling parents were mad.

I think I get it now.

Charlotte might have loved the hoopla, but missing a nap for that school party caused her to tank before the sun set.

Some teenagers I know, decided for the first time that they were to old for costumes and candy swaps.

That was a bittersweet feeling.

Thank heavens Grant was good at coming up with a costume around that "no covering the entire face with a mask or makeup" rule all by himself.

Thank heavens for ski gear and computer printers.

And thank heavens for big brothers willing to make a school parade and classroom party into our entire reason for celebration.

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  1. I loved Grant's costume! A little creativity goes a long way:).