"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Another mass amount of pictures from a day to the countryside.

We thought perhaps we would blend in better if we put our new Sari wrapping skills to work. Those ladies are so lucky to get to dress so beautifully every day.

Regardless, we drew more attention than ever. Boopa said every woman who passed was saying to her companions, how honored she was that Americans would dress in their fashion.

Then we had followers.

Then we were asked to pose for a lot of pictures. My heart felt a huge love for these women. They were so amazingly strong and sincere.

It was a bit overwhelming in a lot of ways.

I didn't want to be rude and start snapping my camera away at those who stopped to compliment us or touch our hands and pat our cheeks ... but here is Celia running away from all of the attention ;)

We headed out of the city to a village known for it's temples called Mahabalipuram.  I'd heard it was hard to get very far by car. I hadn't understood until we attempted it ourselves. It took a long time.

On the way, we'd heard there was a crocodile sanctuary worth seeing.

Wish I had a panoramic camera to see the mass numbers of collected crocodiles. Incredible.

And this guy, who just walked out there barefoot at feeding time and dumped a bucket of fish heads ...

With crocodiles just chomping at his feet.

There was one alligator there, known for it's mississipi-en-sis-ness ???

And these guys giving this fellow a vigorous scrub down ...

With no other restraint than a stick to hold his mouth closed.

Yeah ...

We wanted to stay there all day waiting for the gruesome inevitable and yet not ... all at the same time.

Boopa called it better than an American reality show.

It was only mildly alarming that cobras and vipers were free ranging in their zoo.

And these guys kept dropping out of the trees on us.

Time to move on.

But ... our way was blocked by these two who must win persistent salesmen of the year. Man alive, they were beating on our car windows as we drove away.

That's some awesome sales tactic right there.

The heart of the village had a central park with this really crazy balanced rock on an incline that Christian just had to try and move.

And the temples and rock walls are intricately carved. Boopa knew every story of every character.

Then this temple, asking Boopa a million questions about the Hindu religion along the way. 

Have I mentioned how much more fun all of this was to share with these two?

As well as this man, even though we both look like we are melting in the humidity?

Then there was this temple by the ocean carved all from one rock. Such a serenely gorgeous place.

The beach below was really quite picturesque.

And walking around the perimeter, we encountered some more of that exotic wild life that made us go a little nuts at it's beauty.

Then back to the endless hustle and bustle of the city.

Boopa said at heart, he thought me a "village girl". I'd have to agree.

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  1. Funny, I had never even heard of Chennai before I began reading your posts, but I heard on the radio today that the international chess championship is going to be held there. Soon as I heard the name of the city, all your beautiful pictures ran through my head. So, thanks for giving me a connection where I had none before!