"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

post veteran's day

I don't push politics. Every country has it's own and I really prefer to see the beauty in India .. it's color, warmth of heart and open nature.

However, on the heels of Veteran's Day, my heart was just full of gratitude.

Grateful for freedoms.

How 'bout these security measures? I wonder what kind of time consuming work it was to cement all those broken bottles on top of the walls everywhere. I wonder how many workers were cut. That's some serious business meant to keep somebody out.

But if wages are so low that shoes are unaffordable, I'd not step foot over those walls, either.

I'm grateful for free education that gives opportunity to better ourselves if we so desire. Last week, we had a local school board vote. What a blessing to have a vote in such little things!

I'm grateful for structure. We don't all agree all of the time on political party expenditures, decisions, or agendas ... but by golly, at least there are folks desiring to better someone's circumstances somewhere on a political front regardless of the party.

Decisions for housing, transportation, health care, education ... what is important for one may never be important for another. What benefits me may not benefit you. But how grateful I am that there are those who care. A world of uncaring is hard.

Hard things happen in small towns, in big cities, and all over the world. But I'm so grateful for those who work to to keep our country and communities safe so that at every stop, we don't worry about things like bombs under car hoods.

I'm grateful for departments which may seem small or over looked in our country ... like sanitation, water treatment, and resource preservation.

I'm grateful for freedom of speech. I can at least say I don't approve without fear. I can cast my vote. I can even step up and run for an office in the hopes of making changes I feel are important if that is my desire.

Those lines of people waiting to enter the court house at Fort George, were a reminder to me that we are so lucky to have our voices heard. 

as well as those being taken away for speaking out ...

I'm grateful for protections put into place to limit government power and avoid "corruption" as Boopa called it. We had so many discussions about leaders. On one day of our visit, their current leader lined all of the city streets with personal political adds, the cost of which to tax payers, could have funded several months garbage removal or childhood immunizations. The next day, those miles and miles of flags and billboards, lay on those same trash heaps along the sidewalks.

"Can anyone run against her?" I asked. "Yes. There is a vote," he said, "But anyone who speaks against her will be arrested."

And so it goes.

We were often followed by groups wanting pictures with us just for being Americans, a position only earned by birth place. I'd been gratefully patriotic before however, the depths of which were never realized until I saw it's meaning sparkle and shine in another's longing eyes.

I am so grateful for those who make that birth place a privilege. For those who fight for our freedoms. For those who protect. For those who defend. For those who help other countries defend their own rights when they cannot defend their own. For those who care.

I'm grateful for you.

Happy Veteran's Day.

Thank you, Dad.


  1. Ok that picture looks like your brother when he was 14 playing around. Kind of scary...

    And yes--thank goodness for sanitation and clean water!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the picture of your Dad! I went on a mission trip when I was 19 to Honduras and saw many of the same things you saw in India. It sticks with you....I do still take for granted what an awesome place God allowed me to be born in though. Thanks for the reminder that not everyone lives and has choices like we do!

  3. Yes, it really does stick with you. He was 19. I can't imagine sending my 19 year old boy. What strength.