"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

rising star academy and a thanksgiving reminder

A very special thank you to our friends Lilly and Dale, who invited us to help at Rising Star Academy, a school that has been created for the children of those effected by leprosy. We are eternally grateful for that experience.

They are doing amazing things there.

This school is working hard to educate these children of lesser opportunity, help them achieve higher education and instill a desire to return that help so that schools like these will be completely self-reliant and indigenous. For India run by those of Indian culture.

I loved the beauty in that plan. 

"How did you get so tall??" chanted these children to my boy.

"I eat my porri and roti!" he said  .. and then you should have seen those kids clean their plates at mealtimes ;)

They kept asking to go play at Boopa's house with his children. 

These cute boys were so ecstatic over a piece of bubble wrap they found on the ground. I told them my kids felt the same way :)

I think this one makes me laugh the most. Newel negotiating football scoring with these boys. Some things will never change.

They have a program where dancers from a professional company in New York come for a few months and teach dance as a physical education. 

Be still my heart.

We had also done a little dance with those in the colony (pictures of which I did not post so as to save embarrassment ;) and it was amazing to see dance lifting the spirits.

But these kids ... they were good!

I didn't get a picture of Peter and Kellyn but they were kindred spirits who made me want to rewind the clock and squeeze one more thing into those dancing college years of mine.

Celia had an instant fan club.

The older girls were more than happy to show her how to do henna.

These beautiful ladies know how to feed a crowd.

After dinner, Newel had a fan club too. I loved watching him talk to each and every one.

Bath in a bucket, anyone?

Coldest night of our lives because sharing a room, Newel tried to over compensate the heat of the day by cranking the air conditioning luxury available in our guest room.

Still, I could get used to conversations in the dark before bed as a family.

Another amazing day of school where fourth graders were learning physics, chemistry and advanced math and kindergartners are gaining computer skills even though those generators kept blitzing.

We got to practice English reading and comprehension. Funny to realize the limited understanding of some books due to cultural and religious barriers.

And then right before we left, we got to spend some time with our own lovely young lady. 

These educational opportunities take funding and we were pleased to help. These children are real. Their futures are real. And if you are interested and able, you can make your own difference here.

However ...

There was a time when I longed to make a difference in the world around me. A day and time where coupons were cut and pennies scrapped off the top of grocery bills for little rare pleasures like paper towels because my mother was coming for a visit or squares of cheap fabric to sew for little girls to have a new dress.

I wanted to help but felt that every organization around me had such a need for funding. Funding I was under equipped to supply.

Recently, a friend approached me after our return and expressed how much she wished for this sort of adventure to learn and serve to be available to her family and children.

Our adventure was amazing!

But  ... and this is bolded and italicized ... one does not have to go halfway around the entire globe to find ways to make a difference in our world.

And most of them cost very little more than time.

There are nursing homes with those who rarely see visitors. There are classes for women needing babysitting so they can learn job finding skills. There are roads to be tidied. There are meals to be served. Shelves to be stocked. Collections to be made.

They all need you.

And all you need is time.

Headed into the holiday season, the best way to show gratitude is to give of your own time and not much further than your own back door.

Happy Thanksgiving and as you give of your time, I hope you find peace, happiness and joy in the journey of the amazing adventures of your very own.

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  1. As usual, so much to comment on....but since I am baking pies today....I have limited time. I am going to comment on your statement about getting used the conversation on the dark as a family. Our last night in our old house, we just piled everyone's mattresses into our master bedroom. All 8 of us slept there. It was the best night....even amidst all the swirling thoughts in my head of coordinating the move and helpers and food for everyone. We talked. We giggled. We shared memories of our time in the house. We shushed each other when it was finally time to sleep. Then someone had to go to the bathroom and the careful tiptoe climb across the room trying to miss all the heads and toes and limbs of the others....sent us all into fits of giggles again. I announced then and there that at the new house, I thought we should have a family bedroom and just use the bedrooms for closets! :)