"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, January 31, 2014

factual friday: where has all the blogging gone

It's 9am.

I run six inches of water in the main-level master bathtub.

In the kitchen, I find the littlest girl left moments before quietly eating a plate of eggs, now sitting in the middle of the table stirring a milky omelet cocktail.

Stripped down and into the tub, I turn to the open closet for a diaper.

Seconds only and the entire rack of towels now lay steeped in the the tub.

Amazing how much water a stack of towels can absorb. Six inches, at the least.

She stands on the edge all pink and pudgy and wet. Lifting her down, I fish for the remaining dry towel and wrap her, then turn to wring water from the soaked set.

Hoping to avoid drippage, I rush them around the corner to the open and waiting washer.

The pattering of feet behind me tells me that "pink and pudgy and wet" is off again and I'd best be quick.

Not quick enough before the contents of a bottle of Soft Scrub is being used to finger paint a leather chair.

Thank heavens for leather.

Thank heavens for bleach-less cleanser.

Hoping leather can withstand the Scrub long enough for a diaper, I grab and nail the squirmer down to slap that sucker on.

About that chair ...

"Mom" Eliza breaks into my concentration as I wipe away with rags, "Can we do a craft?"

"We sure can," I say rushing to add these rags to those towels already in the wash.

Little feet have beaten us to the punch.

The craft cabinet contents lay scattered across the kitchen floor.

We shove it all back inside the doors. No rhyme, no reason, just cram it in so the kitchen's not a land mine.

The small diapered person blankly observes our efforts, hands behind her back.

Minds on our task and seemingly unnoticed, she reveals an uncapped marker. Laughingly quick as lightening, she brandishes it like a sword running down the hall while wounding the wall every second swipe.

The last sword stroke is mesmerizing and stops her long enough to turn it into a genuine spider.

Imprisoning the weapon born hand, I see self inflicted stripes of ink across her bare midriff.

The offending marker hits the trash can and we kneel in the closet and rummage for clothes.

She skitters as my search allows time to hide behind a nearby towel hanging.

I'm game for a peek-a-boo moment but she pulls the towel down with a squeal of surprise before I can even commence the search.

There's purple goop around her mouth and I mentally kick myself for not having checked the other hand for a glue stick gone chap stick.

The glue-chapstick joins it's marker-sword friend in the trash, and I scrub at her lips as the little girl writhes.

Feet on the floor once again, I bend to hang the towel, but she's gone lickety split.

She's already in the kitchen using two retired slices of breakfast french toast from the garbage as "rags" to clean the floor.

My arms swoop her up, sticky and all and I perch her on the edge of the sink.

"Drink!!!" she says with a giant tooth gapped smile.

I'm stunned speechless as weeks of work turning screaming confusion into words of want have just actualized before my very eyes.

I reach for her cup on the countertop aside and she claps and bobs.

"Yank yew," her eyes squint tight as that gappy grin expresses words of appreciation we've tried to pry from those lips time and again.

My eyes sweep to the kitchen clock above her head.

9:17 am on a January Thursday.

A moment in time to neither forget nor to miss.

And we laugh and we clap in a ring-a-round-the-rosy, for the accomplishing promise of a day. No better time to be present.


  1. Just a smile for you....and an internet hug. Honestly, I miss having those kinds of 20 minute intervals here.......

    1. "Now settle down cobwebs and dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby 'cause baby's don't keep," ... I tell myself that continually, Kayla ... only this baby has no time for rocking ;)

  2. I think CL's baby is going to be a lot like her--very very busy! She sounds like a delightful handful.

    1. Yes, I was just going to say - that's sort of where my blogging has gone, too! Except mine is a little younger and not quite as destructive...yet.................!

    2. Cindy ... I do get my exercise.

      CL .. Just wait .. it's coming ;) Today we sucked down a whole tube of toothpaste, made three accidental phone calls via climbing, and tried to scratch out name into the side of the fridge with a knife snagged from the dishwasher WHILE our mother was doing a full inspection of the damage to the washer door we tried to sit on with all our chubby weight.

      It's over too soon, CL, take in every minute ;)

    3. Oh I am! And I'm loving it. And laughing out loud at your post - Kate has been big into climbing up onto the dishwasher door this week.

  3. First of all... YES! Where has all the blogging gone??? I know I just haven't had the time.... I don't know how you do it Marlowe. How do you possibly find time and energy for it? I'd honestly like to know. Your little one sounds so fun and fiesty! Jonathan has yet to talk (well he does say "eeya ya ya" for e i e i o, "mah mah" and "da da" and I think once he said "nana" for banana. But he is signing like crazy right now. So I know he understands what is going on. I'm told this is pretty normal for boys/second child of talkative older sibling. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Annie, Christian was the very same way. He nearly rode me into the ground with his activity level and was so frustrated with communication, he would resort to banging his head on the ground. We laughed at my brother in law, way back then, who was a VP for Bell helmets. He suggested toddler helmets for little guys. We mocked that our kids would get teased ... he may have had something there ;)

      Boys move too quickly to get that communication under control as early as girls! Our girl, on the heels of our last girl who was so very different ... I laugh recently about a comment at church about how the Lord sends us one more than we can handle to refine us as mothers.

      Maybe true ;)

    2. BTW annie, now christian talks my ear off day and night ;)

  4. P.S. She looks a lot like Angie Riches little girl Jane. Do you know her?

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I do miss this season in my world

    1. Who needs a treadmill, eh, Mel?1? It IS what is starting to make loving up the grand kids and handing them back to their mothers, look appealing!!