"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, February 21, 2014

factual friday -- come laugh with me at my own mediocrity

I must have been in the bathroom too long. The knock ... knock-knock-knock ... and muffled little voice singing through the door confirmed it.

"Mom .. I know you're in there ... Come on, let's go and play ... I never see you anymore, come out the door ... It's like you've gone anwwwaaayyyy !!!!!" 

Thank you, Frozen.

There's something wrong with my brain lately.

The half gallon of milk I found shoved in a cupboard one afternoon simultaneously realizing I'd been the cleaner of the kitchen post school hoorah that morning, just confirms it.

I was headed to a meeting a few days ago with an informational binder, cell phone and snack for two little girls piled in one hand and sleeping baby balanced over the other shoulder.

Arriving at the meeting, the binder and phone were nowhere to be found in the car.

Returning home, the binder and phone were nowhere to be found in the house.

Luck would have it that a blizzard-like storm kicked up between the the two trips and IF I did possibly leave it on the car ... though why I'd set something way up on the top of a suburban, I'll never know ... cuz I can't remember ... 

I won't find those items 'til spring thaw come mid-April.

I drove the kids crazy retracing my steps over and over, turning up nothing. They finally deemed the house haunted, turned off the lights heading to bed and left me muttering to myself in the dark.

Hence, I've been cell phone-less for about three days.

Therefore, I've repainted my kitchen and living room.

Winter is going to last forever, I'm convinced.

I get horribly teased by the rare 50 degree day that almost melts the snow. Then the rug gets pulled out from under me.

It's not nice.

But, the occasional morning delay for icy conditions has allowed for some really nice big brothers to do a little before school sledding.

And on mornings where it's fresh and quiet, I could stand at my kitchen window forever watching the sun slant through the trees and the wind gently blow sparkly flakes that look like magical glitter.

No camera in the world could do it justice.

We had a lovely Valentine's day but it felt kind of crushed in the middle of a whole bunch of things.

The holiday fell on a four day weekend for us so Valentine making for school was rushed amid packing up to soak in another one of our ski weekends.

Grant's was our only school party this year so we felt there was time to dress up these cheapie pop rocks from the dollar store.

Annie and Janie were into giving to their middle school friends. Annie gave these heart cookies I saw in the specialty groceries while grabbing bathmats at Ikea ...

I love a quick solution.
And Janie squeezed in time to home bake cookies somewhere ... like at midnight.

That was the extent of our creative genius none of which was caught on camera, rather, here is a series of super adorable helpers:

We scrambled through all of this while Newel's parents were in town. It was such a short visit and I once again kicked myself for not snagging a picture with them.

In accordance with a new calling Newel received at church on the high council of our stake, Newel's father came to set him apart as high priest in the Melchizedek priesthood.

For those not of our faith ... there's an explanation here.

For us, it was a sacred and special event. As our family sat around the council table in the stake offices, the stake presidency gave a little lesson tailored to our children regarding order and revelation.

My heart melted looking around at all of them listening so respectfully ... one of a kind moment ;)

And though it was short ... we so appreciated Newel's parents being present.

I was supposed to be on time to church the morning it was announced.

I wasn't.

No surprise.

He leaned over as I bailed into the bench beside him with a shoe-less baby and whispered that he loved me even though I'm 100% unreliable.

I've made sure to open with my reliability rating to everyone I've spoken to since ... just so's there's no misconceptions.

Newel's parents got to double up and attend the young women's New Beginnings program that night. I can't believe Janie will be entering the young women program on her birthday in April. She was supposed to stay little forever.

When all of the hubbub died down, I spent a lovely Valentine's/President's day skiing with some of my favorite valentines of all .. thanks to Celia who stayed in the condo with Charlotte to do some AP homework and texting everyone she knows and beyond.

Capped off by a fun dinner date with my best friend in the whole world.

We took a vote to continue our family celebration to the end of the month. More on that later.

We returned to myriads of doctor, dentist and orthodontia appointments. Charlotte wanted her turn at the blood pressure cuff. She was so cute wanting to do everything the bigger girls were doing ... except when it came to the shots.

 She seriously looks like this nine tenths of the time and it's not for lack of trying.

And it's a good thing she's so darn cute cuz she's a beautiful, into everything, mess that still has me running too fast to stop.


  1. I find myself putting things in really strange places (milk in the pantry, chips in the fridge) all the time. Fortunately I haven't ruined the milk yet...

  2. I can relate, as usual, to so many of your thoughts! Your babies are ALL getting big... :(

  3. Marlowe, I love your pictures!! So sweet of the kids and the great one of you & Newel! I hope you found your phone! You are such a busy momma so things like phones can get lost in the shuffle. hugs from Ohio, cathy