"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, February 3, 2014

happy month of loving more

Maybe it's the perpetual-cold indoor seclusion that makes an extra dose of nippy behavior need a change come February.

In any case, there's a hub around here over the actions of the many "Secret Service Agents" at work.

This family tradition is a celebration of a month of love by doing 14 days of secret service acts for each other. It spins the traditional couples romanticism of Valentine's day in a different direction for our family.

When push comes to shove around here ... quite literally because sometimes it actually does ;) ...

Nothing changes the atmosphere bringing them all back together like an opportunity to think about the feelings of someone else both inside and out of our family.

We had our kick off last night with a little lesson about what it means to be "faith-ful", that one who is "full of faith" would constantly be trying to build on Christ-like qualities. There was never a greater example of one who "loved more".

Together we watched this little video snippet:

Boy, that last quote really stuck with Newel and I as parents. I really ought to put that somewhere so we can all see it daily.

 "Never let a problem to be solved
 become more important 
than a person 
to be loved"

Names were drawn.

By the way Annie ... if you are looking ... that one up there is intentionally meant to throw you off the trail ;)

We emphasized secrecy and the need to either drop a note disguised in handwriting, typed or written by another sibling to keep up the mystery.

Or if they liked, they could simply leave three of these candy hearts as a marker indicating the service agent had struck with their act of love to add to the fun.

I loved that Eliza gently unfolded her slip of paper and leaned in to whisper in Newel's ear, asking him to tell her whose name she had.

"Dad!!" he whispered, and she gave one of those squinty, whole face grins of excitement and threw her arms around his neck.

So much for secrecy there, but she couldn't have been more pleased. ;)

On February 14th, we'll reveal our admirers and give an inexpensive valentine surprise. We'll cap it all off with a visit to the residents at our nearby retirement home to take them our expressions of love made just for them.

Last year, there were no better card makers for those ladies and that one gentleman who we just love to sit and chat with. The thickness in the air after each of our visits is something we all adore.

The doing of little things was infectious already this morning.

My heart melted when I spied this on Christian's bedside table after he left. He was less than thrilled that Charlotte had completely dismantled and tasted all the pieces last night. Bet he will be glad when he comes home to find it back in good working order.

And into February we go. Happy month of loving more!

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  1. And once again I'll be stealing one of your fantastic ideas!