"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, March 21, 2014

factual friday

Fact is, there are a lot of mental pictures from the last few weeks that I wish I were fast enough to catch.

Like Eliza and Charlotte standing expectantly at Janie's feet, looking up at her and waiting for her to finish a last bit of homework so she will go out and play with them. They wait all day for her.

Or Celia, sitting on the end of my bed talking up a storm after a late night out. Her every thought, going on and on as my eyes grew heavier and heavier.

Christian standing on the right side of a discussion, not questioning for an instant where his standards lie in the midst of a grey area.

And Annie, leading a young women's activity in the setting & clean up, caring for each girl and her feelings as a concerned class president.

Grant making a bowl of cereal for Eliza.

Christian and Grant flying out the door after homework, long boards under their arms.

The sound of some sort of sing-a-long by girl's-supposed-to-be-going-to-bed, drifting through the vents of my bedroom.

Tonight, Newel returned after five weeks of back to back business trips over seas. I wish I could have captured the jubilation as he came through the front door.  Little girl's climbing all over him. Teenagers hanging on every word.

And though none of those experiences were actual pictures, here's a few from our last few weeks that make me realize how long those five weeks felt.


Found my lost binder under the snow on the driveway. I must have driven over it a few times. At least I'm not crazy.

We've had some warmish days. Charlotte hangs on the doorknob daily, begging to go out. Those that are pleasant are filled with the tinkling of laughter until the sun disappears. I could listen to that sound forever.

One of those warm days came with a stop for an ice cream cone. A first that brought a priceless smile.

Annie and her best friend have spent many of those warm afternoons playing photo shoot.

I've loved sharing little tips and watching their enthusiasm. They really are producing some pretty creative shots.

This one just makes my heart hurt ...

During a meeting for church, Charlotte was fascinated by another baby. I know she's our ending. It's just never easy to think on all of that.

On the lighter side, I'm eating up all the little things, like how she folds her arms for every prayer ... even if she can't help eating before we say them.

And how she called all of these "puppies" and they came to check her out. No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo.

We still have some quick snow storms blow through. That's Colorado spring.

Then, the girls peddle around the shed calling "Pizza Girls!!" or as Charlotte echos ... "Peeta Gurlz!!"

It only looks like we've given up on our hair since our dad left.

Annie worked and reworked a school art assignment to create a drawing for Google's "google doodle" contest. 

Man, the winning art from years past is out of this world. But, Annie's idea for the theme "What one invention would change the world?" ... was pretty outstanding if you ask me. She's a winner in my eyes. 

St. Patrick's Day hijinks's.

I came home from all the morning school drops to find this in the refrigerator. Thank you, sneaky kids. Glad I wasn't needing milk on any cereal.

Eliza, on the other hand, had quite a story of leprechauns to tell regarding these freckles she found on her face in the morning.

When life gets dull, Christian livens things up. His latest plan is to support the events of all of his female friends by being their "super fan". I hope it doesn't throw off any one's game ... my apologies, girls ;)

These two waited daily for Newel's Skype call.

And when it was over ...

(Pardon my unmade bed. The minute I try, those two turn it into a trampoline)  .

Longest five weeks ever, but we couldn't be more glad to have him home safe and sound tonight. 

Those are the Friday facts.

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