"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the music man

I'm amazed at what high schools do with musicals these days. 

I don't remember my high school having a musical, though I'm sure they did.

But by golly ... watching a group of kids learn to play off one another like clockwork ... tap dance flawlessly when they've never worn tap shoes ... harmonize like a quartet that's been together for years ...  perform ensembles to rival Broadway ...  pulled together in a ten week span ...

... made my heart pound as I warned a friend sitting in the auditorium chair aside that she should restrain me if I tried to jump on stage to join in the song and dance.

Yep, it's that bad.

As my big kids have entered high school, they've looked for a place to belong. They and their friends have really enjoyed the theater department.

Most especially, they have found a little niche on the technical theatre side.

I can usually find them with this great friend who is so good to teach them everything he knows.

Celia loves running a stage crew, the sound, the lighting, the set, the costumes, the microphones and effects. There's a lot of talent among these high school kids, and she enjoys what lies behind the scenes.

And she's phenomenally good at it.

But The Music Man auditions were coming ... did you hear me? The Music Man! It's a classic!!

So, I begged her to try out.

I think she doubted herself at first. She selected a really cute character piece to audition, got a friend to help fine tune it, brought in her own pianist to the try out ...

And grand slammed that number out of the auditorium.

Resulting in the part of Maude Dunlop, one of the ever so hilarious "Pick-A-Little" ladies.

She was so proud of herself and I was over the moon to see hard work undeniably pay off.  Sometimes high school can feel like such a popularity contest and this .... this was all hers. Earned and payed for.

Boy did she ever prove that she could do hard things.

What a great group of kids to be friends with. We were so happy for this good friend who played Harold Hill so very well.

Here he is again with is little brother barely peaking around there in the back row. That little guy is one of Janie's favorite friends. We also love that "band leader".

Then there's this adorable gal in the sailor suit on the far right with the contagious smile who I would take home to be my own. 

And again in the library ensemble which was seriously so hard for me to sit still through.

Christian leaned over and told me that he had built this yellow house .... and then he had to tear it down and build it again.

He is the best boy I know at doing things once and then doing them over correctly ;)

He is NOT into the acting part ... but give him a bandsaw and drill during school hours ...

Though she loved being in the play, Celia lit right up when talking of the Wells Fargo Wagon she worked so hard on.  For all the rehearsal and performance hoopla, I could tell her heart was really in seeing all the constructed pieces come together.

I don't know if for her, "the play's the thing", but she sure made watching fun. That girl came alive on the stage.

Impossible not to fall in love with all those colors.

And let me live vicariously for just one moment as she showed us all how beautifully she can do hard things. 


  1. Awesome! I was in many school plays and our few musicals......yours looks like it was way more professional and well done than any of ours was. Good job everyone.....I will be over here living vicariously through you too!

  2. We better not ever go to one of these things together or we'll both end up on stage! : )