"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

wrapping up our month of loving more

February feels long passed but I'd be remiss not to document the finale to our "month of loving more".

The 14th came and went and the general consensus was to keep the celebration going to the end of the month.

And so we did.

I only thought to pick up my camera when the hubbub died down and I was quietly in the midst of daily tasks with just two little girls as my companions.

I'll have to be content with writing down my mental images.

Like Janie hurrying to finish homework so she would have a free evening to create the most complicated "throw you off the trail" secret admirer note. She clipped words, letters, and pictures galore to put together what looked like a serial killer ransom note to leave on Celia's clean towel and bathrobe she'd washed and dried. It was priceless.

Like Annie sneaking back out of bed to completely pack Grant's ski bag. She left a cute "baggage claim by the Love More Secret Service" tag attached to his luggage, packed and ready by the front door  for our quick get away President's day.

Like Eliza's excitement to find a note left along with a neatly lined up row of stuffed animals and tidy stack of books on her bedside table.

Like this cute note left by my made bed:

My guy was just a little confused, I think ;)

And Eliza, who had Newel, attacked every opportunity to do for him. I did catch her folding his clothes and putting them in his drawer.

Pay no mind that she jumped out of the bathtub that morning and donned her sari brought from India right away ;)

Let's get a closer look at that cute card she left in the drawer on top of the folded laundry. My heart just melts at the development of little people drawings.

Here's another she left with his place set at the table for dinner, daily newspaper and all.

Can you tell that girl was pleased as punch to have her dad's name to do secret service for?

Whenever I feel a need to pull these folks just a little tighter, nothing inspires that feeling of togetherness like acting out of love for one another.


  1. Every year I saw I am going to copy you and no the Love More thing....and every year, I forget. Maybe I am going to have to give up on the idea of doing it in February. April is a love month too, right? Or May?

  2. Kayla, ANY month where the kids are picking at each other is "love month". Let's see ... in that case, for us it really should be May, June, July, August ..... :)