"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, May 9, 2014

factual friday

We have spiraled.

There have been non-stop birthdays, events, proms, family visits, and activities. The last few weeks have felt like a glorious survival mode of activity. One foot in teenage world, one in baby world, I've spun.

Spring continues to bounce between snow and sun. The girls potted this little sink-side herb garden to lift my spirits.

But some days are just too hard to stay indoors.

Trips to the park are in order.

It always amazes me to watch little girls make sudden best friends out of other little girls they've never laid eyes on nor ever may again in the space of an afternoon.

Lottie-da's favorite are the ducks.

She shouts "Ducks" at them until she's certain they know they are actually ducks ;)

Warm days are heavenly for so many reasons.

I just have to throw this in. Newel has waited for almost 19 years for me to make my grandmother's wet coconut cake into the shape of a rabbit rather than the gorgeous tiered tri-level it was meant to be.

I know she's scowling from above.

But he was beaming from below ;)

Prom … ** let me just sigh here ** …

There's a line from a song in the movie Enchanted, "I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss, and a prince who perhaps comes with this".

I've spent the last weeks singing my own version under my breath, "I've been dreaming of a dress for prom, and perhaps a date to bring along".

I just thrill at dress making and design. All else pales.

This is my own little Disneyland. Yards of fun. Play corner for restless little folks.

My dining room was covered in scraps, strings and fridgims while construction was in progress.

We won't even talk about what the dining room looked like after dress #2 was needed at the last minute for a Spring Formal the following weekend.

There was barely any time to whip one up out of fabric brought back from India.

But somehow, it all came together.

This sweet young man had asked her and she thoroughly enjoyed his charm.

This birthday happened and there will be more to honor her later.

But we did squeeze in a really rare nail appointment with a big sister getting ready for her fancy dates.

Eliza has been our official present wrapper. And, yes, sometimes there are tufts of that hair sticking out of the present wrapping as she goes to town with the tape in the foot of my closet.

I'm slowly repainting the entire house a bright white to lighten up all of our wood trim.

Emphasis on slowly.

I've hired a girl who needs cash to accelerate the job.

My painter had a birthday as well and there will be more to honor her coming.

We did make time for a birthday lunch.

I'm in love with craft times at the library. She's in love with all things sticker.

We've eaten dozens of these. I'm really wanting to make shlews of jam before the season tapers off. I just need more time.

Just another perfect moment in the middle of a perfect day.

We've had missionaries and more missionaries at our house lately and then it hit me … these young men love it here because I remind them of their mothers.

I don't know how I feel about that.

Wait … I actually know exactly how I feel about that.


And older still because my children's friends are receiving their mission calls left and right and I don't know how I got here.

We said goodbye to this old friend.

I'm bad to personify cars but I nearly had my first baby in this one. Survived a car accident in it weeks after having that baby. Sent that baby to drive off on her own for the first time with her newly inked license in it.

We were notified of a family in desperate need and made a family decision to give them the jeep.

I hope with all my heart, it helps turn their luck around.

These two can often be found holed up in a corner perusing www.cutenessoverload.com.

Newel has traveled a bit lately and when he does, I get a girl who sits on the end of my bed over analyzing boys into the wee hours of the night.

It's kind of my favorite.

The morning hangover is not ;)

This one has buckets of "do it myself" determination.

We threw an Eagle Scout Court of Honor in our yard to celebrate Christian's big accomplishment. More to come on that one also.

Every morning, I've sent Eliza back to put an undershirt on under a sundress or leggings under a just-a-bit-too-short skirt.

She emerged from the closet the other day with a little bit of everything on and asked if this was "modest enough".

Hard to balance teaching with neurosis ;)

This happened.

Along with some follow up trips to re-glue brackets and clip painful back wires.

Sometimes out here in the woods, we play tag with discovered deer carcass remains.


I did make them all take a shower after the screaming ceased.

I'm going to make them pay for each other's therapy bills.

There's a whole lot of teething-causing-runny-nose-causing-misery going on.

And just because they were having a lovable moment.

Life is busy and that's a Friday fact.

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  1. Those dresses are gorgeous. My favorite is the picture with the kite, for sure. But the deer-bones tag is pretty nasty. Love, love all these photos.