"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

kaskade and the spark run

Somewhere between 0 to 7 kids, the party of the nightlife scene changes a bit.

Doesn't mean we aren't still young down deep inside.

Newel has a friend from our college days named Ryan who now goes by the stage name "Kaskade". He produces and mixes dance club style music and has worked really hard to make it to the top. And .. he's a Mormon, too. :)

That guy has become pretty famous. Was even nominated for a Grammy this year.

He is used to playing his show to crowds like this ...

And this ...

And this ….

You get the picture.

As a gal who once loved to dance and is now a mom of teenagers, I like his music because it's super clean.

Sometimes his fan base of dance ravers are questionable … ;) ... but currently he and Newel's roommate from our BYU days, are working on a great family friendly project.

It's a glow in the dark, colorful fun run for the entire clan. Music, lights, excitement and a culminating concert by "Kaskade" ... they are going to do these events all across the country.

We were lucky enough for Denver to be their very first run.

I loved that it was a family setting where my kids and their friends could enjoy a bit of pop culture in a more protected setting and we got to feel young again for just a minute, too.

Our big kids got to spend a little time helping with set up the evening before and then later,  Newel and I had dinner with our friends who were producing the event.

And I was reminded how much I miss this beautiful friend who worked so hard right beside her husband to pull that thing off.

These kids looked like they were having a great time in pre-race prep. 

Then the race lineup hype with crowd surfing, multiple versions of the wave and shoulder hoisting.

Then the run which my kids said didn't even feel like a 5k because there was so much to see.

And then Ryan's concert.

"Kaskade" sure knows how to work that crowd up.

And it's crazy how much they love him … especially those girls.

I kept a close eye on our group of kids from a spot backstage with our friends, Ryan's wife and all of our little kids together.

During a sprinkle of rain which sure was beautiful, we ducked under cover with the equipment.

But Grant and his new friends dancing back stage, really preferred to jam in the rain … and race over really important cords which had me a little worried our antics would be responsible for shutting down the whole shebang ;)

And when their dad got off the stage, those girl's jumped right on him.

Talking to Ryan's wife for just a bit, I don't know how they keep so grounded with such a crazy life swirling around them, but somehow they do.

It was a fantastic time for all. An experience not easily acquired in any other setting.

Thanks for a memorable evening with Kaskade & the Spark Run and we hope your new adventure soars!


  1. It's such a bizzare brain moment when you realize "Cascade" is really "Kaskade"....

  2. The rain pics look so cool! Sounds like a very memorable and exciting night for everyone!!! hugs, cathy