"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Sunday, May 11, 2014


See that little girl right there in the middle?

There's nothing in the world she wanted more than to grow up to be a mother to babies of her own.

She made those little people she has gathered under her wing, play game after game where she posed as their mother.

She loved that baby … and every baby after … nearly to death.

Because she watched these mothers ...

And later this mother ...

Show her how mothers loved and loved what they did.

Like delving into a costume box for play, some days mom is a custodian, or a cook, or a taxi driver, or a consultant, or a therapist, or a personal assistant, or a nurse, or a referee, or a tutor, or a life coach, or a  beautician … and on and on.

Some days, mom feels like a construction worker ... Rough and hard and loud.

After grading and smoothing out the groundwork, concrete that is poured into a framework for a foundation has to be smoothed and leveled to perfection … sometimes even rough edges to be beaten down in a less than graceful manner. There's a lot of careful measure that goes into the perfection of that foundation so that pools of rainwater or dirt don't gather and decay the concrete with potholes and pits.

I believe that mothers lay that all important foundation.

I believe that the laying of that foundation comes with times that hurt, times that discourage, times that feel dirty and times that feel inadequate.

I believe that laying that foundation also requires a lot of painful time on the knees, bent over the pouring, the smoothing and the leveler.

I believe there is satisfaction to be found in the beauty of a solid structure, straight and sure and strong.

Not always a pretty process but a potentially beautiful result.

I am so grateful for the mothers of my life. Those who have lead by example. Those who have shared their trials. Those who have gone before and imparted wisdom. Those who have wanted children but going without, have loved mine as their very own. 

Together we lay this foundation.

Forever I am grateful. 

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Sweet. True. Lovely. We are blessed. Is it sad that I sort of love the snow falling picture of you and your babies on Mother's Day? ;)

    1. ahhh …the snow, Kayla …. the snow :/

      Hope your Mother's Day was fantastic. You, too, are an amazing mother!!

    2. I know. I felt bad that you were getting snow again....but look how pretty your picture turned out! And, what a great story it will be someday.....right?