"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, June 27, 2014

5 -- a hero and princess party

Half the family has been gone, and why shouldn't 5 be celebrated in style when the house feels a little empty.

And this girl really should be celebrated.

Nothing in the world could have made her feel more special than a party. It's a great age. No expectations, no comparisons, and friends are just friends. It's a drama free world.

She shone with delight at every detail of the planning and helping. 

She loved the invite creation, the printing, the mailing, the shopping, the baking, the set up … every detail, she was there and chittering away in love with the experience.

Our "princesses and heroes" made masks and wands.

Charlotte was a little stoic about that.

Then we played "Storm the Castle".

This super cute villain kept popping up over the castle wall and needed to be shot with water darts.

I loved how he pretended to be wounded with every blow ;)

Lottie was still pretty stoic about it all .. but despite the heat, would. not. remove that mask.

No really … I'm serious in love with that super villain.

Then there was "Training Camp" for all the princesses and super heroes. A relay with stick horse galloping, attack and defend by hitting a water balloon with a sword and warding off a water gun shot with the shield, then a jump through some hula hoops.

There's got to be a piƱata.

I just adored how Eliza takes Charlotte every where she goes like a side kick. Even to share her seat when there aren't enough chairs at the table.

A little hero rescue birthday cake.

The most genuine excitement over every detail of every gift.

Don't you just love when kids take the time to home make birthday cards?

This one from this cute, cute boy says, "Eliza, I love you more than Batgirl!!!"

That's really saying' something!

Lottie just wanted those gift bags for the friends. Hero and princess bubbles. Bracelets, ring pops, princess crayons and pink sunglasses for the girls.  A "get away" hot wheel car, pop rocks, blue sunglasses, and a flashlight for the boys.

We had some super heroes and princesses choose the opposite gift bag but who could blame them? They were both pretty cool.

And kudos to that dollar for having some really great stuff.

I just love this girl with all my heart.

She really shines from the inside out. Every minute of her day is a delight. She simply radiates joy like I've never seen before.

Some just say that. But man, o, man .. she really does. Her greeting to anyone who enters a room is such sunshine. Her morning is full of love, her evening ends with smiles and delight for another day ahead.

I've noticed that so often in a family, a younger child looks up to an older child with adoration, sometimes forgetting to look down at anyone beneath. What sets this girl apart is her natural ability to look in both directions. Not only does she crave being with everyone, she's got the softest spot in her heart for that sometimes too active, too opinionated, too demanding … little sister of hers.

I just burst inside to think of her and how lucky we are to have her.

Happy Birthday, Eliza! Love U!


  1. Oh my word! I love this! That was a fantastic party idea. I want you to be my mom! Loved your helper. Eliza is so precious and Charlotte being so serious and soaking it all in was funny.....because I have one of those at my house. S-girl, who is 7, is the one who takes all the information in before doing anything. My youngest, V-girl sounds a lot like your Eliza.....full of joy and she just jumps in with both feet at the first opportunity and figures out the details later. We have both been blessed beyond measure by God.

    1. Kayla, we have! So fun to see such different personalities develop. And every family needs a teenager willing to play the super villain ;)