"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, July 25, 2014

on the south carolina coast (part 1 with friends)

For a few years now, we've spent the first week of our east coast beach trip with friends we adore from our collage days and beyond (and their kids, of course and some of that is HERE). 

This year we were so excited to be joined by another family we love and watching these kids all reunite after a few years apart, was a real heart melter.

I could sit and talked to these ladies forever.

Between our three families, we have a lot of girls.

And some super handsome boys.

Let's get a closer look at all that handsomeness ;)

Their antics kept us rolling.

Like their casual routine thievery of our donuts. This is them fleeing with our Krispy Kremes.

Max had to leave early for a volleyball tournament. I hope he's forgiven Christian for talking him into riding a longboard pulled by a rope behind the golf carts.

We watched a streamed feed of his tournament and I couldn't help but cringe to see that poor boy on the court all bandaged up thanks to Christian's brilliant ideas.

Sorry guys.

Then Captain One & Captain One … because they decided they both had to be first captains together ;) laid out a bucket list agenda.

One check point was to swim in a hurricane. Though Hurricane Arthur blew through a mere squall on it's way to North Carolina, they gave it their best shot.

We all joined them and it was pretty magnificent … until fire and rescue "recommended" we exit the beach.

The Captains ferried us over to a little sandbar dubbed "Grant's Island" one evening, for some photo fun in that gorgeous light.

My friend, Shawnie, has an amazing blog HERE and is an incredible photographer. So fun to play photo shoot together.

Love these cute girl's together. I was so tickled watching them walk around a group of boys they really wanted to meet but really didn't want to meet all week ;)

Sadly, I missed Claire #2 in this one. Those three were a trio all week.

It's such a beautiful place.

I cannot help but marvel over every sunset ...

Moon rise ...

And creature.

And there were a lot of them.

That grin on Newel's face says, "It only takes once to have a finger snipped to know you don't want to do that … but since you're my friends, go ahead Dave and Jeff."

Boys will be boys, even when they're grown up men ;)

Sadly, I think I deleted the picture of these men all visiting together under the carport, so I'll have to keep a mental one instead. 

I really do love that these guys have so much history together and keep those relationships going.

These two fell head over heels for each other. Eliza began every sentence with "Lucy and I" for a week after we'd already parted.

"Lucy and I like blueberries … "

"Lucy and I like to color … "

We had to teach them to drive.

We talked, laughed and played Banangrams into the wee hours.

Even though the teens had us beat. They could go all night.

And I think they did.

Then we'd wake up to girls entertaining girls with games of their own.

We tried to wear them out with sunrise to sunset beach time.

We weren't great at hanging on to our kites, though we sure had fun for a minute there ;)

Grant perfected his fishing and crabbing skills.

He was pleased as punch to eat that poor guy.

No one was deterred by watching "Jaws".

We braved a local BBQ restaurant that was pretty darn culturally colorful.

But that light streaming through from the woods in the back was amazing and made me miss that "home" feeling of the south despite all the environmental stickiness.

I made the mistake of telling the kids that growing up, we'd collect bunches of these to have a war.

And now we are going through withdrawals of great friendships renewed.


  1. Ok you didn't put all of those people in your grandma's house, did you? Because I know it's been 27+ years since I was there...but it seems like it was only 3 or 4 bedrooms!

  2. Still loving seeing Aunt Erin's hair--in blonde!

    1. I tell her that all the time, Erin!

  3. Marlowe, awesome pics!!! Looks like a fabulous vaca! I didn't realize you that you are friends with Shawni...too fun since I follow both of your blogs...really cool to see pics of your kids together!! ;))) cathy

  4. It's a small world, Cathy! We love and miss them so :)