"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, July 10, 2014

summer love (part 1)

I forgot to put this at the end of school wrap up but …

Celia and Christian finished another year of early morning seminary. 

So proud of those kids. It's no small thing to get up every morning at 5:30am for an early morning bible study class and to pick up a friend not of our faith to attend along with them.

Great way to start the morning.

Celia was acknowledged for receiving the Stake President's Award.

One day I drove home in the most beautiful light and found these kids of mine flying kites in the open space at the end of our road.

Just had to stop and take this series of shots.

No dolled up kids, just a moment and the slanting sun to which the pictures don't do justice.

Grand parents came for a visit and we utilized that open space once again.

Janie was delighted to have a captive audience.

Grant spent the first weeks after school let out, building his own long board from stuff he found.

Christian has been given some opportunities to lead the music for sacrament meeting in our ward.

He takes it seriously serious.

And he's so cute up there.

Way back on birthdays, I didn't get a picture of how Celia is passing me up in height. She seems to be gone more and more.

Perfect park nights.

And sunsets I wish I could more fully capture.

Lots of fun with these guys before they found good homes.

I think "Cheeto" was the favorite. He stood out among all that black and grey.

Renewed that zoo membership and marveled in the beauty of creation.

Some are just spectacular.

I thought these were feeding each other. Turns out, it's a demonstration of affection between companions who mate for life.

Really amazing.

Just had so much fun with this guy.

He's the best orangutan ever.

Charlotte shouted "Monkey!" at this monkey until we were pretty sure he knew he was a monkey.

Then decided giraffes weren't nearly as interesting as washing her hands in a public water fountain. Gross.

Pretty much a perfect day. Except for a dead battery in super high heat at the conclusion.

But this guy working nearby was my hero to come to my rescue.

Not one complaint. Have I mentioned, I love him?

And so it goes ...

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