"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, July 11, 2014

summer love (part 2)

Friends came through town on the way to family adventures. We couldn't have been more thrilled to have them stay with us.

We kept one for a bit and would have kept him forever.

Big kids spent a week in the mountains at youth conference. They came home while I was out and this is how I found them on my return.

I loved hearing all about it when they revived hours later.

Father's day was the best because we hadn't had our dad in town to celebrate for that last couple years.

We couldn't have enjoyed him more.

We love to stop in at the park. Janie bumped her head one day and didn't feel it swell to this. Gave me a shock to see it with no memory of the bump.

Plenty of pool days .. most of which get cut short by nasty afternoon storms.

Oh yeah … and I midlife crisis-ed my hair by having bangs cut.

When we run out of bread for pool-side sandwiches, any bread will do.

Love that the pool is such a gathering place for all our friends.

Funny, though, when the boys do this ...

And the girls are here ...

We are into all things long boarding.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Sometimes the boys long board the neighborhood as I sit by the pool with little folks.

I couldn't be more grateful for young women who come prepared with full boxes of neon bandaids.

Someone asked what happened to Grant. "He was born to be Christian's little brother." is the answer. That's all to say about that.

Some days require folks to take things into their own hands and make their own sandwiches.

I successfully completed the whole30 program which entailed avoiding sugar, gluten, flour, carbohydrates, additives or preservatives and a few other things for 30 days.

I took it to 48. It was awesome and I celebrated with a banana, cashew butter, almond milk - milkshake.

I've since fallen deeply off the wagon and am facing another round.

But, I'm a Monday starter .. so check back with me on Monday ;)

Just one more of cuteness before the last of the babies found a good home.

We have seen more missionaries come and go.

And we love them.

We said goodbye to this one we adored for his time among us. His story was so unique and inspirational.

And we will miss him.

We've said goodbye to a lot of young men leaving from our ward on missions.

It's really surreal to have my children's friends leaving to serve the Lord for two years.

Driving home from church the other day, Eliza said from the back seat, "Gabe wasn't in sunday school class today …. (long pause) …. maybe he's sick … (long pause) …. maybe he just went on his mission forever." :)

She's been hanging with too many teenage friends.

The Father's & Son's campout was held here in a pretty big rainstorm but regardless, my boys were so excited.

And while the boys were away, the girls wanted to play pedicures. How could I say no?

Girl's camp happened.
We dropped Celia first very early in the morning. We all felt pretty ;)

Grant headed off to cub scout day camp and dubbed those the best days EVER!

The other girls left a day later for girl's camp. I joined them shortly after. Man, I love getting to hang out with them. It's a time when we get to just be us.

And I get to join in the hilarity just a bit.

I so love these girls.

And soaking it in, one day at a time.


  1. As usual, you pack so much in, I cannot possibly comment on everything I want to....because by the time I get to the end, I have forgotten half of my words! So, you will just have to settle for this. Janie, I LOVE your freckles. Beautiful. Marlowe, I love your bangs. Children who get to be in Marlowe's world, you are blessed beyond measure! :D